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Dave Austin

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Any nicknames:  My dad always called me “Magoo.”  Only people who have known me my whole life know that…until now.

Favorite drink:  coffee

Tattoos or Body Piercing:  Too painful

How much do you love your job:  It beats working for a living.

Favorite vacation spot:  Vegas

Ever eaten cookies for dinner:  Heck yeah

Ever been on TV?  Romper room when I was little.  They cancelled it the next day.

Ever steal a traffic sign?  No way.

Favorite dessert?  Tough to say…but I love anything chocolaty and cakey…maybe chocolate cake.

Favorite day of the week:  Saturday

Ideal weather condition:  Sunny and hot.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?  I’d hate to guess, but if I’m still in Tulsa that would be fine with me.

What is your favorite meal?  Bar-b-que.

Aside from Mexico and Canada, have you ever been to another country:  No.

Reality TV or Regular TV Shows:  Is Jerry Springer reality or regular?

What is the biggest gossip you have on one of the other hosts?  Eric Wayne has a wooden toe.

Favorite place(s) to shop in Tulsa?  Utica Square is very cool.

If I Weren't In Radio, I'd be: A chef.

The Last Book you read:  Dave Ramsey’s total money make over.

Favorite concert ever attended: 
Foreigner 1993 at the Sturgis bike rally in South Dakota.

Excited about this year’s election:  Can we get rid of these candidates and start over?

Favorite Smell:  Lilacs, a wood fire, new carpet.

Favorite Kids Movie:  Cars

Are you smarter than a 5th Grader?  I hope so.  I know I’m not smarter than 3 year old twins.

Put an X in the parentheses if it applies to you!

( )   Gone on a blind date

( )   Been to Canada

( )   Been to Mexico

(x)  Been lost (with my wife nagging for me to just pull over and ask for directions)

( )   Swam in the ocean

( )   Sang Karaoke (I’m too much of a music lover)

(x)  Paid for a meal with only coins (Nothing like a vending machine lunch)

(x)  Made prank phone calls (who hasn’t)

(x)  Done something you told yourself you wouldn’t (golf)

( )   Been Sky Diving or Bungee Jumping (I’ll hold your hat while you do)

( )   Laughed so hard you peed your pants (I wouldn’t admit it if I did)

(x) Been Fired (in radio, everyone gets canned at least once)

(x) Gone for a ride in a big city Taxi Cab (Downtown NY City.  I couldn’t pronounce my drivers name, but when I saw the speedometer hit 55 I tried)

( )  Gone Skinny Dipping in a public place (I don’t swim so I’d probably drown naked in a public place, how embarrassing would that be)

( )  Been transported in an ambulance (I think I was close during  my cab ride)

(x) Completed your New Years Resolutions (I set goals every year and hit them about 99 percent of the time)

Tulsa, OK

Few Clouds
Few Clouds
SSW at 6 mph