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  • Thankful For Bad Gifts?

    This may be one of the sweetest videos I've seen this year! And the British accents of the children make it even cuter! This father wanted to see if his children were thankful for their many blessings, so he allowed them to open one Christmas present early, to see their reactions. The caveat is that the gifts...weren't that great...but the reactions of the children were PRICELESS!!

  • He came in like a...Nevermind-

    We've all heard of wedding crashers, but a guy in Holland just became the world's first proposal crasher – by destroying a home with a crane while asking his girlfriend to marry him. The hapless Romeo rented the construction vehicle to add a bit of drama to his proposal, but after he pulled it up to his lady's window, he lost control, sending it toppling into her neighbor's place and virtually destroying the top floor. When he tried to fix the mess himself, he blew it again, hitting the home with another massive blow. Rescue crews dispatched to the scene evacuated six houses while removing the crane, and what was left of the guy's pride. But it turns out that the thought really is what counts: His girlfriend accepted the proposal and the ring, and will walk down the aisle with him . One wonders what he will do when it comes time to send out the invitations. ~Rowdy

  • Christmas shopping...!

    I always wait till the very last second and this year is no different.

  • What is Carrie Underwood Craving While Pregnant?

  • FPO

    Your Weekend "Warn 'n Fuzzy"

    WALMART EMPLOYEE PAYS FOR ELDERLY MAN WHO COULDN'T AFFORD GROCERIES. Jenny Karpen is a new employee at a local Walmart, but she has already made quite a name for herself for her random act of kindness. Jenny recently rang up the order of up an elderly man who didn't have enough money to pay for the groceries he was buying for himself and his dog. But when he started to put some items back, Jenny stopped him and gave him $40 out of her own pocket to complete his purchase instead. The next customer in line was so impressed that he offered to refund Jenny her money, but she refused as it is against store policy to accept money from customers. Jenny said she just felt for the man and didn't want him to go home hungry. "There should be more people like that in the world,” said Jamie Cobb, Karpen’s manager at Walmart. “We just need to clone Jenny. We need to have Jenny’s one through ten.” -amen, and Merry Christmas. ~Rowdy

  • Hang with me at The Tulsa Farm Show!

    I'll be a the River Spirit Expo this Saturday 9am - 1pm.

  • Easy "Elf-on-the-Shelf" Ideas that are HILARIOUS!!

    Since my son Nick is now 14, he is (thankfully) well past the "Elf-on-the-Shelf" phase that many parents employ to keep their little darlings in-check through the Christmas holiday. Might I suggest that the moms move on to "Hunk-on-a-Bunk" or "Stud-in-the-Tub?" No? Okay, about *these* EASY poses for your hired "Elf"...

  • Honey, it is a scientific fact!

    BonusBLOG! SCIENTISTS SAY MEN NEED NIGHTS OUT WITH THEIR FRIENDS Researchers in Germany found it was good for the health of men to be allowed time to bond with other guys. According to the study, male bonding is more likely to lower a man's stress levels than a night out with his wife or girlfriend, or time spent with the family. It seems guys suffer less anxiety – and have to deal with lower levels of stress hormones – when out in a group. –and where there is beer. ~Rowdy

  • Tweak Your Beak!

    A NEW WAY TO A NEW NOSE If you've toyed around with the idea of a nose job but aren't quit ready to pull the trigger, there's a solution for you that you're going to like. It's called liquid rhinoplasty, and it basically involves injecting fluid into your nose to change the shape, reshape the nasal tip, straighten the nose, and smooth out the bumps. It's only temporary though, so it's more of a way to take your new nose for a test drive before buying it. They even claim that the procedure is pain-free .. .though not free of charge. Just Asking ... What body part/procedure would you like to test drive before buying? And now, a rare treat, from our pal at Mad Magazine. Dig it, hepcat. ~Rowdy

  • Monday Night Football

    I will be filling in for Kelley Cash tonight at Scoreboard Sports Bar at River Spirit Casino. Come hang with me and watch the game. Tomorrow night --- JIngle Jam!

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