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  • NBC Sunday Night Football opening theme

    NBC’s "Sunday Night Football" premieres Sept. 10th featuring the Pittsburgh Steelers vs the New England Patriots on Sept. 10.

  • FPO

    You Did GOOD!

    Remember last summer's social-media craze the Ice Bucket Challenge? A year later, it seems all those videos of people dumping cold water on their heads wasn't for naught. The campaign raised more than $220 million in donations and scientists at Johns Hopkins say that they've made major breakthroughs in ALS research, which they are at least partially attributing to the Ice Bucket Challenge. Philip Wong, a professor at John Hopkins who led the research team, said, "Without it, we wouldn't have been able to come out with the studies as quality as we did. The funding from the Ice Bucket [Challenge] is just a component of the whole -- in part, it facilitated our effort." Wong added that "the money came at a critical time when we needed it."

  • Kenny Chesney's father arrested.

    Kenny Chesney’s father, Dave William Chesney, was arrested and charged with assault after punching a man in the face on a golf course.

  • FPO

    SIRI Saves a Life

    A teenager in Tennessee was pinned under his truck and Siri was the only one he could call for help. Sam Ray was home alone working on his truck when the 5,000-pound vehicle fell on him, pinning his arms. He yelled for help – and that’s when he heard the sound of Siri, Apple’s voice-activated iPhone assistant, from his back pocket. Emergency dispatchers heard Sam saying his address over and over, and sent medics. Sam was rushed to the hospital and suffered some injuries, but thanks in some part to Siri, he’s going to be OK.

  • Rascal Flatts stolen guitar.

    A custom guitar was stolen from Rascal Flatts during a concert in Oregon over the weekend.

  • FPO

    I'll Drink To That

    The Fulton Brewery in Minneapolis, Minnesota, will be working with the breakfast cereal Wheaties to create a craft beer called HefeWheaties. You know … a play on words on the name Hefeweizen… Anyway, the beer will be made of malted wheat, malted barley, hops, and yeast – and they’re going to somehow manipulate the ingredients to get a hint of the taste of Wheaties in it. *Finally, something to get kids to eat their breakfast. ~Rowdy

  • Kenny Chesney broke another record!

    Kenny Chesney broke his own personal mark for a New Jersey concert on Saturday by drawing almost 60,000 to MetLife Stadium.

  • FPO

    Basement for Rent?

    For a number of years, we’ve had to listen to young adults complaining about the terrible job market and all the stress of paying off their college loans. Well, some financial experts are actually listening to this whining and offering up some sound advice: Just move in with mom and dad, at least until all of their debts are paid off. Freeloading is the new normal! Embrace it … Even if it crushes the spirit of your parents. *It is their hope to live long enough to eventually become a burden on YOU. And I don't blame 'em ~Rowdy

  • FPO

    Green Country "Good Guy"

    Strange things are happening in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Someone has been stealing spare tires off of vehicles parked in downtown lots. Whoever is nabbing these tires is targeting Jeeps, because the spare is mounted out in the open. It’s easy pickings. Well, a man works for an off-road vehicle store called Sam’s Offroad has decided to fix the problem ... by giving spare tires to stranded motorists … for free. Rick Franco says he’s been keeping an inventory of spare tires for Jeeps for this very purpose and has been giving the tires away free of charge because, as he says, “Life’s too short.” *Does he have any spare convertibles laying around? ~Rowdy

  • Little Big Town’s Jimi Westbrook is feeling better.

    After more than a month of recovery time off the road, Little Big Town’s Jimi Westbrook released a video to update fans.

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