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  • Toby Keith: Wanted in VEGAS!

    Toby Keith: Wanted in VEGAS!

    Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas has been offering loads of cash to big name performers like Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears and Kanye West, and now it appears they want Toby Keith. While the others have been offered a residency, Keith is being recruited for one show that would guarantee him $325,000 -- enough to buy a lot of beer for his horses. The paycheck is a little less than what Britney and J. Lo are getting and a whole lot less than the $500,000 per show deal that Kanye reportedly turned down. Toby's deal would also require him to do some meet-and-greet stuff. According to TMZ, Toby's rep says he will not be accepting the offer. They should have tossed in the ‘all you can keep down’ shrimp buffet. ~Rowdy

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    Far be it from me to go for ‘toilet humor’ But, my bucket list just got longer! ~Rowdy

  • Country Stars in their Halloween costumes when they were kids

    Photos are from People magazine

  • Frighteningly AWESOME!

    Frighteningly AWESOME!

    Holy Cow! In the past decade or so, we've seen computer and lighting technology take Christmas to a new level. But, how 'bout a far more frightening day? Take a peek! ~Rowdy

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    RowdyBLOG#1-this is a test. This is ONLY a test. Had this been a real BLOG, something interesting would be found here.

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