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  • Darius Rucker on Instant Jam

    Darius Rucker traveled to Charleston, South Carolina, Wednesday night for a surprise concert for CMT’s Instant Jam series.

  • Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard are together again!

    Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard are heading out on the road together.

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    This Is The Way To Use A Drone

    Amazon is testing out a new service that could have a drink in your hands in just one hour. It’s part of a new service called Prime Now, where Amazon Prime members can get everything from paper towels to Pinot Noir, all delivered in 60 minutes or less. "Prime Now is our fastest delivery option ever. With Prime Now, you can skip a trip to the store and get the items you need delivered right to your door in under an hour," says Stephenie Landry, director of Amazon’s Prime Now service. For now, the service is only available in some parts of Washington state, but there are plans to expand the service to other areas soon.

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    Hold On a Minute

    Heinz may be the biggest-selling ketchup in the United States, but not in Israel – where authorities have decided the company can't use the "K" word to describe the product. Why? Because, under that country's stricter labeling laws, there aren't enough tomatoes in the recipe to call it that. Makers of a competing brand went to Israel's Health Ministry with what they called proof that Heinz's product contained only 21% "tomato solids" instead of the 40% required to call it "ketchup." So. for now, the label will have to read "tomato seasoning" instead. Anticipation is making us wait for an appeal on this one. *I for one, do not care what ingredients are in it, or the percentage of 'maters. I shall eat it on every conceivable food source available, until my death, which is TBD now. ~Rowdy

  • Toby Keith honors 93 year old Veteran

    It was an emotional evening for those attending Toby Keith’s concert Friday night (August 21), in Charlotte.

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    It's no secret that the word "moist" seems to give a lot of people the heebie-jeebies. But that's not the only word that makes women cringe. Underwear manufacturer Knix Wear teamed up with University of Pennsylvania linguist Mark Liberman to find out which words women think are the grossest. After surveying more than 500 people, they found that these are the six words women hate to hear: Are you ready??? 1. Flap, 2. Curd, 3. Chunky, 4. Panties, 5. Squirt I'd offer up observation or commentary myself about the Universities'' findings, but I too, am a bit squeamish after reading this. ~Rowdy

  • Shania Twain had technical problems!

    Shania Twain kept her composure like the pro she is after several technological malfunctions occurred on Thursday night, during her Rock This Country Tour in Los Angeles. While performing ‘That Don’t Impress Me Much’ at the Staples Center, the large screens in the background shut off and all the stadium’s lights turned on, confusing both Twain and the audience.

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    Something New for YOU!

    Featuring some of the strangest stories form the stupidest people in a place known as "The Sunshine State!" Enjoy. ~Rowdy A Florida man was arrested earlier this week for assaulting his girlfriend with the most unusual weapon -- a plate of sauerkraut. Cops responding to a complaint at a Ramada Inn say 40-year-old Matthew Burnett got into an argument with his girlfriend and threw a plate of the fermented cabbage at her face. After the kraut attack, he allegedly shoved her against a wall. Burnett was arrested and charged with domestic battery.

  • Zac Brown Band helps veterans

    Zac Brown Band has teamed with Wells Fargo to promote the No Barriers Warrior Strong Pledge and Warriors to Summits. The program empowers a team of veterans and transitioning service members with disabilities as they train to ascend Gannett Peak in Wyoming Sept. 11.

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    Brainiacs Love Beer Too

    Students at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory created robots – called “Beerbots” – that cooperate with each other to form an on-demand beer-delivery system. A user presses a button located on top of a “turtlebot,” which is a free-roaming beer-delivery robot that travels back and forth from one room to the next to take orders. *That's what I call *higher* education. ~Rowdy When the turtlebot gets an order, it goes back to the larger “bartender” bot where a beer is placed in its cooler. It then delivers the drink and continues to roam until it gets another order. While this may seem like a fairly easy task, it’s actually surprisingly complicated, which is why it took some big brains at MIT to pull it off.

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