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    One Week In: How ya Doin'?

    We're a week into the new year – how's that weight-loss resolution going? Maybe you need a plan to keep you on track. The problem is, there are a gazillion diet plans out there. So how do you pick the one that's best for you? Fortunately, you have help. U.S. News has ranked 41 of the best and worst diets for 2015. The good: • The DASH Diet tops the list. It emphasizes whole grains and veggies. It's good for both short-term and long-term weight loss, and extremely good for nutrition and heart health. • The TLC Diet, or Theraputic Life Changes Diet, has the same benefits as DASH, but it's more flexible. However, you do have to follow some rules, like cutting saturated fats to just 7 percent of your calories. • The Mayo Clinic Diet offers a unique food pyramid designed to get you to change your eating habits. Nothing is off limits, but the further into it you get, the more you learn about calories and where they come from. •Other good options include the Mediterranean Diet, Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig. The bad: • The Atkins Diet, which cuts out carbs in favor of tons of protein, is pretty good for short-term weight loss, but it's unsustainable and poses a number of safety risks. • The Dukan Diet is similar to Atkins, but with a lot more rules. It can be really confusing, and there's never been a scientific study showing that it works. • The Paleo Diet, which is all the rage these days, is at the very bottom of the list. The idea of eating what a caveman would eat seems sensible, but finding lots of lean, pure meats and wild veggies is impossible in modern times. • Other diets to avoid include the Fast Diet (intermittent fasting), the Body Reset Diet and Medifast. -I'm still holding out for the Oklahoma Joe's diet. Joe? ~Rowdy

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    Dry January?

    Have you heard of Dry January? Basically, a lot of people choose not to drink for the month of January – after indulging way too much during the holidays. If you’re not drinking this month – and are worried you might be bored at night or on the weekends, here are some other things you can do (besides drink) this month: • Binge watch something on Netflix • Learn to cook or try some new recipes • Read a book • Hit the gym • Put the money you would have spent on booze in the bank • Host a sober game night • Go on a juice cleanse • Reorganize your room/closet/living space • Become a morning person • Drink more water • Volunteer • Plan your next vacation • Get a side job -Just not at a local bar. ~Rowdy

  • Garth Brooks show!

    This will be my first time to see him live and I am really looking forward to it.

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    Need a New Job?

    HELP WANTED: Bullet Tester With High Pain Tolerance Looking for a new job in the new year? Thousands of job-seekers with a high threshold for pain have applied for the position of "bullet tester" with a British paintball company. The unique position at UK Paintball has attracted interest from 10,000 people from all over the world. They all want the job of standing around while others shoot paintball bullets at them. The company, which promises an annual salary of $60,000, needs someone to fire bullets at to make sure each new batch meets safety regulations. In addition to the salary, the job offers "extremely flexible working hours and travel expenses." But they warn that the position "may pose a small risk of pain, discomfort and some bruising." They make no mention of why the previous bullet tester left the job. (UPI) Being a paintball bullet tester may sound like a strange job, but there are other pretty weird gigs people get paid for. Read on, Rowdy~ Pet Food Tester – Yes, a human actually tastes dog food for a living. Gumologist – Get paid to chew gum. Professional Snuggler – Get your cuddle on for cash. Oshiya – An “oshiya” is a real job in Japan where people are paid to go to train stations during rush hour and push people onto the trains so as many people as possible can fit inside. Water Slide Tester – Someone’s gotta get paid to go on rides. Teddy Bear Repair Technician – Those bears don't get stitched up on their own. Snake Milker – These crazy people actually extract a snake’s venom by hand ... from the snake's fangs. Professional Mourner – People actually get paid to show up to other people's funerals and mourn. IMAX Movie Screen Cleaner – A big screen needs a professional cleaner. Chicken Sexer – No, it’s not what you think. These are people who have to identify the gender of new, baby chicks. Ostrich Babysitter – In South Africa, people are paid to simply watch ostriches and make sure that they don’t kill each other. -which is really not that far off from what Carly does for me and Sunny most mornings. ~ry

  • Bachelor Recap: Meet the Crazies...Uhh Ladies

  • He said: "I DON'T!"

    DUMPED BRIDE HAS AWESOME REVENGE 23-year-old Shelby Swink should be on her own motivational poster. Would you believe that just five days before her November 1st wedding, her fiancé dumped her?! Everything was planned and ready to go and this guy dumped her less than a week before! Well, instead of sitting around wallowing in self-pity, Shelby threw herself a dress trashing reception. The photographer was already booked and paid for, the tuxes were rented and the bridesmaids all had their dresses, so everyone arrived in full dress, champagne was poured, and the bridesmaids and close family all brought colorful paint to trash her dress with – while she was wearing it, of course, all for the eyes of the camera! Her awesome dress trashing party photos have become an internet sensation and in an interview with USA Today she explained, "So many people have contacted me telling their stories. I did the photo shoot for myself, not realizing that it would affect others," says Swink. Her advice: "Everything happens for a reason and when life gives you something you can't handle, just face it head-on." ...with a case of multi-colored KRYLON(r) ~Rowdy

  • GUYS: Wanna WIn The Battle of The Bulge?

    Did you make a resolution to lose weight? Maybe this can help you keep it. Here’s’s list of the 10 Ways to Eat Better in 2015: 10. Replace fat-free foods with the regular version: Good fat doesn’t make you fat. And fat-free versions of food are typically packed with trans fats and artificial sweeteners. 9. Swap ice cream for Greek yogurt. 8. Stay away from vegetable oils. Use coconut oil, olive oil, butter, and even lard instead. 7. Replace processed meats with real meats 6. Stop eating cereal and bread for breakfast. Have oatmeal instead. 5. Shape Up. If you need help getting in gear, Xbox One’s new game Shape Up offers an online service that lets you create your own personalized fitness and meal plans. 4. Kick the candy habit. Get your sweet fix from dark chocolate or dried fruit instead. 3. Stop eating things in packages. Reach for food that can actually go bad. 2. Instead of drinking fruit juice, eat fruit instead. Fruit juices are full of sugar. 1. Replace margarine with butter. Good luck. I'm right there with ya. ~Rowdy

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    BABY Botoms Up!

    A Louisiana man named Jack Daniels is the proud new father of a son named Jim Beam. Jack Daniels Leathers says he and his wife, Lydia, talked about baby names when they were dating – and decided on the name well before they were married. Of his own name, Jack says, “My parents decided they wanted to name their son something to make their parents mad. And, at the time, my dad was drinking Jack, which he enjoyed. My mom said, 'Why not?' ” But this whiskey tale gets even stranger. Believe it or not, the man who married Jack and Lydia was Terrebonne Parish Judge Johnny Walker. I'll drink to that. ~Rowdy

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