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Storm Chasing

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 Stormy weather is here in Oklahoma. I have always been fascinated by Mother Nature.  You know a storm is coming when everything gets still and the hair starts to stand up on the back of your neck. One of my husbands friends (David) is a storm chaser and he has taken us with him for the last couple of years. Storm chasers are like this huge underground group. They have nicknames (David is "Thunder Child") lol. You can look at radar  and see where each chaser is at and when a storm comes in they line up life surfers waiting on a big wave. David knows how to get on the safe side of the storm and we watch it build. Lighting is just amazing, they have settings on your phone cameras now where you can catch shocking photos. We have had to hide in car washes to avoid hail. I think I have been to every small town in Oklahoma. Later we go back and see the damage. It is overwhelming and amazing at the same time. 

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Tulsa, OK

Few Clouds
Few Clouds
NW at 18 mph