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Notes from the Underbelly....

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 July 10th, 2013 

My Mom always tells me "Never show your underbelly".... but eveyone knows I can't keep a secret and I tell everything:)

So, we found out we can't use photos that we didn't take on the things might start to look a little different on here, but I still want to keep you updated on the country music gossip and anything else I find you might like:) 
Here are some photos I took...
The Twister Relief Concert in was amazing! Garth made me cry when he sang "The Dance". Willie was playing a guitar that looked like it was 70 years old...he is so cool!
Country stuff...
Randy travis is doing better, they put some tiny machine in his heart that helps pump the blood.
Jake Owen is having surgery on his hand today after trying to race some Nascar drivers on go-carts.
It's Carrie Underwood & hubby Mike's 3rd anniversary!
Dierks Bently is a sweetheart and from Arizona, so he is doing a concert/fundraiser for the families of the 19 firefighters that lost their lives. 
It's Gary's Bday from Rascal Flatts today- he is 43.
The 98.5 KVOO "No Fuss bus" and crazy going to the concert...on the way home...we slept like old farts! lol
Big  World News:
Twinkies are back next week:)
Always take a flashlight and look into porta-potties...some dude in Oklahoma was busted for hiding in one to look at women! 
We are on "Royal Baby Watch" is due anytime in England.
Taco Bell has a new burito with fritos.
The Most stolen car this year- Ford F-250.
This is my dog Roscoe with a Chick-Fill-A bag stuck on his head...he is a puppy garbage disposal.
Stuff that gets my attention....
2 weird dog names: Chew Barka & Stinker Belle.
2 weird cat names: Pico de Gato & Kitty Gaga

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