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What weird song is on (Mr. Chillin' it) Cole Swindell's phone?

Funniest Tweets Last Night During "The Bachelor"

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Clare hates bars, online Dating and going on dates. But "The Bach" is great.

Clare is blindfolded. Can't see, likes to smell JP. "Let's chill" -- in fake snow.

Sledding, ice skating. "The perfect fairytale." -Clare Then comes the hot tub.

Foolproof rose tactic? Half-naked "opening up."

Clare: "You taste like snow."

Lucy is topless, 'Cause, duh. She's a free spirit.

Renee: Unimpressed.

On Kat's one-on-one, She could "get used to" the jet. "Latin Lover?" Vom.

Day-glo, house music, 5k run, sweaty slow-mo. It's my worst nightmare.

They dance on a stage, Which counts as "spontaneous." K, Kat. Take the rose.

Group daters include: Cassandra, Chelsie, Christy. Why all the "C" names?

The girls must pose, With puppies (and Juan), of course.

"Models and Mutts," y'all.

No. "We'll both be naked," Says JP. Andi thinks hard: "This is for the dogs."

Cassandra's a mom. Nikki is "fun" and she's "cute."

Victoria's drunk. Pre-meltdown, Vic says: "Hymen maneuver." We'd all, Like her to explain.

Vic sobs in a stall. Maybe she's not a step-mom, Thinks JP. Bye, Vic.

Cocktail parties make JP's skinny tie appear.

Reporter Amy, Leaves me professionally, Embarrassed. For shame.

Two moms, one bathroom. Seems like JP is a fan. Whips out a fist bump.

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