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    Getting FIRED is OKAY!

    In a recent interview, Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour revealed her secrets to success – which included getting fired at least once in your employment career. According to Wintour, "getting sacked" teaches a person that "perfection doesn't exist," and you should fake confidence in your work as much as you can. Just Asking ... •Have you ever been fired? What was the job and what was the reason? Are you embarrassed or do you think it helped you in the long run? It has only happened to me once-and it was a 'side job' but it was good paying one., It still stings. ~Rowdy

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    Blue/Black, Gold/White all Equals GREEN

    So we’ve all seen that “What color is this dress?” meme – there was no escaping it. But it’s not white or gold or blue or black … the real color of this dress is green. That’s because ever since it appeared on everyone’s newsfeed on Thursday, sales of the actual dress – which is blue and black, by the way – have skyrocketed. According to Roman Originals, the company that makes the dress, sales are up 350%. Ching! -the Internet, got to love it. ~Rowdy

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    I'm Moving Back Home

    Earlier this week, an unemployed man vented on Reddit about his parents. He claimed that he had been “bought off” by his parents and given $250,000 to leave the house – and never come back or speak to them again. He wrote: “I’ve been 'bought off' by my parents. They told me I am no longer welcome to live with them, and I guess in some sort of twisted way of not feeling bad about it, they are giving me $250,000 to not contact them ever again. “I don’t know anything about investments, and I’m unemployed (but actively looking for a job – I have an economics degree from a decent university) and I want to know how to best manage that money so I don’t lose it and I get some return on it for the future.” -this is the kind of "conditional" love I've been looking for my whole life. I'm gonna go call my Mommy now. ~Rowdy

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    Who Is Top Dog?

    The American Kennel Club has released its annual list of the most popular dog breeds in America, and for the 24th year in a row, the Labrador retriever is America's favorite. While the Lab being top dog isn't big news, the fact that the French bulldog made the list for the first time in almost 100 years is something to bark about. Here are the Top 10 most popular dog breeds in the U.S: 1.Labrador retriever 2.German shepherd 3.Golden retriever 4.Bulldog 5.Beagle 6.Yorkshire terrier 7.Poodle 8.Boxer 9.French bulldog 10.Rottweiler

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    I've Been Telling My Wife This For Years

    MARRIAGE COUNSELORS CONFIRM WHAT WE ALL KNOW – MEN ARE NOT MIND READERS Marriage counselors gathered at a prominent University in Illinois to help a crowd of 1,000 couples improve their relationships. Their message was simple: • Women think conversation is a game. They treat it like a riddle. •Guys, on the other hand, think conversation is a tool. It’s straightforward. It gets a job done. For example, when a woman tells her husband or boyfriend, “The trash is full,” what she really means is, “You need to take out the trash.” And when a guy hears, “The trash is full,” he understands it to mean, “The trash is full.” As in, “Yes. It is full. What an interesting observation you’re making.” In this way, for men, words can be a foreign language. So the marriage counselors urged the women in the audience to be very thoughtful about the way they communicate with men – and say what’s on their mind. Men are not mind readers. Never have been. Never will be. -so there. Rowdy

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    MOM's Will Get a BELLY Laugh Out of This

    A group of guys in England are wearing 30-pound “empathy bellies” for an entire month to better understand what women go through during the late stages of pregnancy. The bellies are not just heavy. They’re also designed to put pressure on the bladder, stomach, and lungs to simulate the effects of pregnancy. The men are currently in the second week of the challenge, and are dealing with backaches, sleepless nights, and constant trips to the bathroom – and have been writing about their experience in the blog' Sadly, I have no need for the add-on apparatus. ~Rowdy

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    It's Back!

    St. Patrick’s Day is fast-approaching, and that means the Shamrock Shake is back! "Since first launching in the U.S. in 1970, the Shamrock Shake has built an almost cult-like following," says the McDonald's website. "Fans eagerly await its annual return to the menu for those magical few weeks leading up to the St. Patrick's Day holiday." The minty shake is available at select Mickey D’s locations through March 31st. -we'll get sightings and share them with you this week on the morning show,. ~Rowdy

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    Yeah, uh, don't do that...

    Ever heard the phrase 'dance like no one is watching." -make sure that cameras aren't rolling as well. ~Rowdy

  • More Dog Shaming...

    I've told the story on-air countless times, but my dog Sally once ate a large bag of miniature-sized Clark Bars that we had stashed for Halloween trick-or-treaters. It made her poop have little red flags stick up all over the yard...certainly helped with clean-up! A new batch of "Dog Shaming" pictures has emerged, and I think these are the best ones yet...

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    Be still my enlarged and artery clogged heart!

    No longer is it enough to have some bacon on your pizza. A new menu offering from Little Caesars will also wrap 3.5 feet of bacon around the pizza's crust. The chain's "Bacon-Wrapped Crust Deep! Deep! Dish Pizza" was announced Wednesday and will be available nationwide Monday. The rectangular, deep-dish pie comes wrapped in whole strips of thick-cut, crispy bacon, then topped with pepperoni and even more chewy pieces of bacon. The pizza will be available for a limited time. -and that is probably a good thing. ~Rowdy

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    Oh boy...

    If you’re a Star Wars geek – and you have money to burn – you might be interested in the Star Wars cruise, being run by the Disney Cruise Line. The “Star Wars Day at Sea” will bring all sorts of characters from the movies on board a Disney cruise ship in 2016. Along with hanging out with other Star Wars fan boys, you’ll be able to enjoy screenings of all six movies – or three, if you only count the good trilogy. There will also be a Jedi Training Academy where you can learn how to fight with pretend lightsabers, as well as a club with cocktails with names like "Princess Leia on the Beach" for grown-ups. May the force be with you, and anchors away. ~Rowdy

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    He has a great bod, BUT...

    Here’s a good reason to give that nerd a second look … according to a new study, muscle-bound men make lousy boyfriends. Researchers from the University of Westminster surveyed over 300 straight, single British men and found that the more muscular he was, the more likely he was to be sexist and hostile toward women. -I am still waiting for the 'chubby boy' results, which are forthcoming (I hope.) ~Rowdy

  • The Love of a Dog

    You'll never underestimate the bond that dogs have with their humans after hearing this story.

  • Why is "50 Shades of Gray" so popular?

    Soooo....are you going to see "50 Shades of Gray" this weekend? It seems that this movie and even the book have been very polarizing on whether or not people support it or don't support it. But why is 50 Shades so popular among readers, and now moviegoers? This author thinks she may have it all figured out...

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    Looking for Love?

    The Tulsa Zoo is having a special Valentine's weekend event for singles 21 and older. "Nature's Night Owl: The Mating Game" mixer runs from 7 to 9 p.m. TONIGHT. "This is going to be our very first time doing a Valentine's Day event for singles," said Tulsa Zoo Community Relations Manager Sarah Floyd. "You can make new friends while also learning about the nature of love at the zoo." For a $20 entry fee, adults can meet some zoo favorites while enjoying fun, games and refreshments. Floyd said a lot of zoos host activities for the holiday, and they decided to think outside the box for ways to introduce people to the Tulsa Zoo's conservation efforts. "We have many recognized breeding programs, and we're very proud of that," she said. The Zoo released new photos Tuesday of the three Malayan tiger cubs that were born last August. Those animals won't be part of the "Mating Game" event, but singles will have a chance to get an up close look at other zoo favorites from owls to tortoises. The event includes beer, non-alcoholic beverages and activities. You need to register - but it's not too late. Call 918-669-6602. Source: KOTV

  • Powerball Winners? -none here...

    There wasn't one Powerball winner, but three Wednesday and they'll split the $564 million prize, lottery officials said.

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    Now We Know

    The age old question has finally been answered. We now know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop thanks to Jinzi Huang and his cohorts at New York University's Courant Institute. According to a new study published in the Journal of Fluid Mechanics, it takes about 1,000 licks per centimeter of candy to reach the middle of a Tootsie Pop. With the diameter of a Tootsie Pop measuring approximately 1.063 inches, that means that it has to be licked about 2,500 times for someone to make it to the middle. Repeat after me kids: "One, TwHOO, Three...-three." Remember? :) ~Rowdy

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    Play Like a Boss, PAY Like One

    TOM BRADY FACES $60,500 TAX BILL FOR WINNING SUPER BOWL! Nobody in the world should cry a single tear for Tom Brady. He’s a four-time Super Bowl champion. He’s married to a super model. He’s enjoying a lifetime supply of Ugg boots. But, part of his reward for winning the Super Bowl last weekend – and walking away with the Super Bowl MVP award – will be a tax bill from the IRS to the tune of about $60,500. Activist group Americans for Tax Reform crunched the numbers and found that he will have to pay $42,000 on his share of the $97,000 for playing in the championship. And then, and another $18,500 the red Chevy Colorado pickup truck he won for being MVP. The truck tax stings the worst because he vowed to give the truck to fellow player Malcolm Butler, who caught the game-winning interception.

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    The Pig ate WHAT???

    An Ohio man was arrested last week after throwing an alcohol-fueled temper tantrum because his pet pig had eaten his bag of weed. Police say 44-year-old Chad Spohn was so upset that his pig Millie had downed his stash that he started binge drinking and polished off a bottle Everclear. His wife Heather called police because he was threatening to hurt himself. She told cops that he was "upset over their marital problems and over the fact that their pig ate all of his marijuana.” She added that he always gets angry when he doesn't have his weed. Police say Spohn was uncooperative and fought with them, so they subdued him with a Taser. He was arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Millie the pig is in good condition and in need of Doritos or Hot Pockets. I, myself, am betting those ribs might have a distinctive taste, and after-effect. ~Rowdy

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    Taylor Swift is in an ELITE Class

    For the 10th week, the 1989 album from Taylor Swift is at the top of the charts. This marks Swift’s second album to spend at least 10 weeks at Number One. Only one other female has achieved this sales record: Whitney Houston, and well before Taylor was even born. Whitney’s first two albums in the mid-'80s and the 1992's Bodyguard soundtrack each spent more than 10 weeks atop the charts. Here is the BIG thing: The other acts to achieve this feat are oldies: The Beatles, Elvis Presley, The Monkees, The Kingston Trio, and Henry Mancini. To think I knew her when she had no hit records, and wore a slobber soked pink retainer. I hope she remembers the little people (and one BOIG radio guy.) ~Rowdy

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