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    I'm A *Tad* Bit Disappointed

    It’s officially here!

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    What The BELL?

    Taco Bell has become the first fast food restaurant to offer menu items certified by the American Vegetarian Association (AVA). There are 13 items on the menu, including the seven-layer burrito, the cheesy bean and rice burrito, and the cantina power veggie bowl. Vegetarians are also encouraged to create their own meals using 35 AVA-certified ingredients. "At Taco Bell, vegetarians are not an afterthought,” CEO Brian Niccol said in a statement. “We sell more than 350 million vegetarian menu items each year, but until now haven’t been vocal about it.” I am being vocal now. I hate it. ~Rowdy

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    Fitness BEER?

    Believe it or not, protein-fortified “fitness beer” is a real thing. Former insurance company employee Blake Konrardy made it his mission to develop the beer and started a company called Supplemental Brewing, which recently rolled out two varieties – Brewtein and NutriBeer. Brewtein is for guys who are bulking. It has extra protein and extra calories. And, NutriBeer is for guys who are cutting and need stuff that’s low-cal and low-carb. Blake was inspired by his experiences “double-fisting” a beer and a protein shake after working out – and is now hoping to ramp up his operations with a Kickstarter campaign. *I'll drink to that. ~Rowdy

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    They're Becoming a Public Nuisance

    Man buns have taken a beating in the press over the past month. First, they were linked to baldness – and now they’re not welcome on one college campus. Brigham Young University’s Idaho campus has moved to ban man-buns on school grounds. The hairstyle is supposedly in direct violation of the school’s dress and grooming code – and has been described as “extreme” by student honor administrator Tyler Barton, who further explained that “it’s just something that deviates from the norm.” Of course, BYU is a culturally conservative school and they crack down on lots of stuff, including beards. Which seems harsh? But … Cracking down on man buns actually seems like a good, solid, appropriate thing to do for some reason, doesn’t it? *Not only do I support it, but the first candidate to back this gets my endorsement. ~Rowdy

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    What Say YOU? Me, I understand...

    -parties ARE expensive... When a Minnesota woman had to cancel on her friend’s wedding at the last minute, she got an unexpected response: a bill for the meal she and her husband would have had at the reception. Jessica Baker said she was getting ready for her friend's wedding when she got a call from her mother that she could no longer watch her children. And because kids were not allowed at the ceremony or reception, she had no choice but to skip the wedding. Then, a few weeks later, Baker received a bill for $75.90, asking her to cover the cost of their meals. "It listed, we would have had two herb crusted walleye and there was also a service and tax charge,” Baker said. "This cost reflects the amount paid by the bride and groom for meals that were RSVP'd for. Reimbursement and explanation for no show, card, call or text would be appreciated," the note enclosed read. Jackie says she has no plans to pay the bill … *I know I am in the minority here, but jeez, 80 bucks is 80 bucks! Budgets are TIGHT, and this couple is tighter! ~Rowdy

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    Man Braids-?

    According to style insiders, the days of the man bun are over. And, taking the place of the man bun is the man braid. Guys are actually going on Instagram and showing off their waterfall and fishtail braids – with the hashtag #manbraid. On one hand, the hair style is practical because it keeps the hair out of your eyes. On the other hand, it looks ridiculous and must take a lot of time to put together – at the very least, more time than just running a comb through it. Jared Leto is the latest Hollywood Hipster to show his off. *You'll see mine sometime, never. ~Rowdy

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    It's Called The Halloween Whopper

    To celebrate Halloween, Burger King is offering a special version of the Whopper … with black buns. Last year, Burger King tested out the black bun burger in Japan. What made the bun black was squid ink and bamboo charcoal. It also had black cheese and black ketchup. Here, the Halloween Whopper gets its black buns with the help of A1 steak sauce baked into the bread. And the cheese and ketchup stay the same color. The Burger King Halloween Whoppers are available now, and not near as creepy as the "King" himself. ~Rowdy

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    Hipsters Hear This!

    MAN BUNS ARE CAUSING PREMATURE BALDING!!! The man bun, made popular by sports stars, actors and hipsters, is a cause of premature baldness. Plastic surgeons and hair replacement specialists have seen a lot of guys with hair loss around the forehead and temples -- as a direct result of hairstyles that pull the hair. Tugging tight on hair follicles pulls them out, and once you damage a hair follicle, it doesn’t grow back. So treat your follicles well. ~Rowdy

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    -great...Just Great....

    According to recent data from the Census Bureau, men earn less money now than they did in 1972. Back in 1972, the average full-time, year-round male worker made $51,649. In 2014, that number was $50,383. After four decades, real earnings for men are actually less -- even though there’s been a 2.5% increase in worker productivity. So the boss is getting more out of you -- and paying you less. You can complain about it. Or, you can tip the scales in your favor a bit by wasting more time on the job working with your fantasy football roster… as if you weren’t doing that already. *I just hope that the fashion trends do not follow. ~Rowdy

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    A Kid Raised Right

    A group of police officers on their way home from a fallen comrade's funeral stopped into a McDonald's and got a huge pick-me-up -- from a five-year-old girl. Six Kentucky State troopers were eating lunch when five-year-old Isabella Gregory asked her mom if she could use her allowance to buy the officers a round of ice cream. Officer Eric Homan says, "We were finishing up eating and Isabella comes out of nowhere and she's holding a tray of ice cream sundaes. She stepped right in between us all without fear and was so proud to thank us for protecting her and her family." He says they were all physically and emotionally drained after paying their respects and little Isabella really lifted their spirits. *And that is what I call McLove. ~Rowdy

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    Put Down That 87th Chicken Wing!

    The next time you're thinking of grabbing an on-the-go meal or snack, you might want to consider the consequences – and make you're wearing comfortable shoes – because it takes a LOT of exercise to burn off even just a few excess calories. Here’s a rundown of how much you have to walk to burn off the calories of some of your favorite junk food: • Snickers candy bar – 2.42 miles or 4,840 steps • Beef Chalupa from Taco Bell – 4.04 miles or 8,080 steps • Grande Starbucks Carmel Frappuccino – 4.61 miles or 9,220 steps • Big Mac – 7.3 miles or 14,600 steps • Chipotle Chicken Burrito (without guacamole) – 11.8 miles or 23,600 steps •Outback Bloomin’ Onion – 21.96 miles or 43,920 steps *I'm going sightseeing this morning, if you'd like to join me. What am I looking for? A slice of Key Lime Pie and a skyscraper. ~Rowdy

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    Fair Vendors: Meet Your Match!

    While not many people expect the New York Jets to make a Super Bowl run this year, there is a lot of incentive to attend their games at MetLife Stadium…or at least to visit the food stands there. The team unveiled their “Jumbo Jet” menu items, and they are impressive. The Jumbo Jet Sausage is almost a yard long and features -- among other ingredients -- a full pound of chicken sausage, a full pound of Italian sausage and a half-pound of spicy Guinness beer cheese. The Jumbo Jet Breakfast Bagel is a towering 10-inch everything bagel with two-and-a-half pounds of meat and four fried eggs. As for the Jumbo Jet Pretzel… well, all you need to know is that it’s meant to be served in a pizza box with beer cheese, chorizo and fried jalapenos. The new menu items are supposed to serve four to six people, but you know that isn’t going to stop some linebacker-sized fans from trying to scarf the whole thing solo. *Only problem is, you have to travel to New York to have one. Pisser. ~Rowdy

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    I Thought So!

    Have you noticed fewer chips in your bag of Doritos or maybe a little less cereal in your bowl? You’re not imagining it. Companies have dealt with the high cost of agricultural goods and energy ... by giving the consumer less. "We are tightening our belts," PepsiCo chief Indra Nooyi said. PepsiCo recently cut the amount of Tropicana orange juice you get in a large container by 7% and Doritos bags have been reduced by 2 ounces. PepsiCo is not alone. Kellogg, General Mills, Unilever, Wm. Wrigley Jr. and Procter & Gamble have all quietly reduced the amount of cereal, ice cream, gum, paper towels and toilet paper you get in a package. *I can only imagine the arguments that will break out when trying to split a 3-pack! ~rowdy

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    This Will Warm Your Heart

    An eight-year-old girl in Memphis was recently the belle of the ball after she received a special police escort to the daddy-daughter dance. Jewel Warren received an invitation to the dance and was upset that she wouldn't be able to go because she didn't have her father. That's because her dad, Officer Tim Warren, was killed in the line of duty in 2011. Seeing how upset her daughter was, Jewel's mother, Betsy, reached out to some of her late husband's fellow officers and the Our Fallen Heroes Foundation. Together, they arranged to have six officer take Jewel to the dance. Actually, there were even more who wanted to go, but space in the gymnasium was limited. One officer said, "We know we cannot replace Tim. But we can be there for his family when we are needed. It was truly a honor." In addition to going to the dance, a local florist donated boutonnieres for the officers and a corsage and roses for Jewel. A photographer also accompanied them to take photos. #BackTheBlue -forever. ~Rowdy

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    A Louisiana man found out the hard way that you can lead a horse to liquor -- but you'll get arrested if you try to ride her home while drunk. Jake Williams was stopped by cops who spotted him galloping down a stretch of highway aboard his mare, Sugar, in the wee hours of Tuesday morning and approached him to ask some questions. Williams admitted he'd knocked back a few cocktails and said that's why he decided to leave his truck and horse trailer behind in the bar's parking lot for safe keeping. The officer admitted he couldn't bust Williams for DUI, but said he planned to issue a summons for public intoxication -- something that the drunken cowboy still objected to. According to the police report, Williams said he believes his choices were safe because "the horse knows the way home." *I, for one, commend him for his honesty and responsible behavior, Rowdy

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    Guys, Here is What The Ladies Like

    Stop the brooding, guys. According to a new study, women are more attracted to a man who smiles than one who looks grumpy. The study, conducted by the University of Oslo and Senshu University in Japan, found that when it came to a long-term relationship, women rated men who were smiling in photos as more attractive than those who showed no expression. Interestingly, when it came to short-term relationships, women had no preference as to whether the man seemed happy or not. Basically, if you are thinking long-term or marriage, women want someone who seems happy. When it’s just casual, brooding is just fine. *I am going to have to look up what "brooding" even means. ~Rowdy

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    Stop Making Your Bed!

    Hate making your bed in the morning? Well, here's a perfect excuse not to. According to a new study, making your bed may be hazardous to your health. The problem is, at any given time, there are an average of 1.5 million microscopic insects called dust mites living between your sheets. Cooties galore! And, when you make your bed, you’re creating the perfect environment for these little critters. But, when you don’t make your bed, your sheets and blankets are exposed to the air, which allows them to dry – leaving the mites without the perfect conditions to breed and thrive. -and I'm all for that. ~Rowdy

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    Much Is Going On This Weekend

    All Weekend ----------------- The Bluegrass and Chili Festival is this weekend at the Expo Center in Claremore! The Mayes County Fair happens all this weekend in beautiful Pryor. The Osage Country "Free Fair" is happening in the rolling hills of Pawhuska all weekend. Turkey Mountain’s ONLY camping and music festival is this weekend. Enjoy fun with family and friends food, live music and more. Equestrians! Make a beeline to Bartlesville for the Woolaroc Fall Trail Ride. Bring your own horses, and prepare to rough it. Primitive camping is available. Saturday ------------- It’s the 2015 Sky Dance Kite Festival at Chisholm Trail Park in Broken Arrow-all day Saturday. ORU Hosts the “Gold Kids Walk” to end cancer in children…Lace up and help kids right here at home. We’ll see you at 8am. Geeks and Gamers! The Oklahoma Video Game Exhibition is Saturday from 9-6 at the Osage Casino in Tulsa. The Sapulpa Elks will be having their 2nd Annual “Smokin' in Sapulpa” BBQ Grill Master Cook Off-all day Saturday at Lodge #1118. Hungry? The Coweta DAV invites you to their 2nd Saturday Pancake Breakfast from 8a-11a. Lab Rescue of Oklahoma presents Labapalooza! At Guthrie Green from 10-3 Bring the family out for dog adoptions, raffles, food trucks, live bands, photo booth, vendors, games, and more. The Gaither Family Homecoming is at ORU’s Mabee Center from 6 to 8. Sunday ---------- The Phoenix Mercury face The Tulsa Shock at the BOK Center at 3:30. Enjoy reggae music FREE from Tulsa Roots Rocks. It happens from 2:30-6:30 at Guthrie Green, Downtown. Interested in Fly Fishing? Learn all you need to know at “Backwoods” at The Farm Shopping Center, 61st and Sheridan from 9 to 4. All gear will be provided. Also ------- The American Miniature Horse Registry and American Shetland Pony Show is at the Ford Arena at Expo Square. It's considered the largest of its kind in the world, with more than 1,600 horses being showcased in different categories. The show is free and runs thru next weekend (the 19th.)

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    PSL is O-U-T!

    PUMPKIN SPICE IS OVER!!! Pumpkin Spice Lattes just got back on the menu at Starbucks, but there are definite signs we have reached pumpkin overload. According to food tracking app My Fitness Pal, pumpkin spice latte consumption is down, and there’s a new flavor in town. Sorry, pumpkin spice ... you've been replaced by salted caramel in latte lovers' hearts. *Carly from the morning show has salted her coffee since I've known her. Me, I prefer mine on the rim of a Tecate. ~Rowdy

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    This List Is Out-but...

    ...where is Melissa McCarthy? Not in the top 5. Hmmm ~Rowdy Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting and Sofia Vergara have tied as the world’s highest-paid TV actresses. They both earned $28.5 million between June 1st, 2014, and June 1st, 2015, according to Forbes. Kaley can thank the big raise she and her Big Bang Theory co-stars Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki negotiated last year, giving them a reported $1 million per episode. Sofia's Modern Family co-star Julie Bowen was third with $12 million, followed by Grey's Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo ($11.5 million) and Law & Order: SVU's Mariska Hargitay ($11 million). Forbes says, "A total of 15 TV actresses made over $5 million in our scoring period, with, New Girl star Zooey Deschanel rounding out the list with $5 million in earnings."

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