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Who We'd Like To Punch In The Face...

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 So Rowdy had a great idea for a new morning show segment.  It's called "Who I'd Like To Punch In The Face" and as warm and fuzzy as it sounds, it's actually a segment designed to allow us to "vent" just a little. Rowdy thought Ryan Seacrest would be a fine recipient, and this morning Sunny actually issued a "challenge" to KVOO listeners. Her victim of choice? Jim Cantore from the Weather Channel. He's the guy who always shows up to areas that have either just been hit by severe weather, or shows up just afterwards.  In her words?  He's an "Angel of Death" and a "Looky-Loo" and needs to haul his butt back to Atlanta!  If you'd like to take part in Sunny's challenge, your goal for the weekend should be to "photobomb" Jim Cantore as he makes his way through Tulsa this weekend. You'll earn $98 if you can get photographic evidence of your dastardly deed, and Sunny says she'll throw in an extra $50 if you can scream the phrase, "YOU SUCK, CANTORE!" while proudly displaying your "KVOO."  Good luck and God Speed!

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Tulsa, OK

Scattered Clouds
Scattered Clouds
E at 6 mph