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Felon Boyfriend

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 Sunny's Circle of Sisters addressed a letter from a listener this morning:

Hi Sunny! I have a Circle of Sisters question for you and your girlfriends. I am in college at OSU Stillwater and I just came home for summer break. I ran into a guy that I went to high school at a bar last weekend, and I used to have a HUGE crush on him. He asked me out and I said "yes." We're going out this weekend and up until yesterday I've been really looking forward to it.  However, one of my friends told me that after high school, he started running around with some bad dudes and actually robbed a gas station!!  He was with some other guys who kinda took the fall for it and actually went to jail, but they guy I'm going out with plead to a lesser charge for ratting out his friends. He ended up with a felony on his record, but only was sentenced to "time served."  The problem is, my family is going to FREAK when they find out about his criminal record. My dad is a cop.  I haven't told them that I'm going out with him, and I hate the idea of keeping this kind of a secret from them, but I'd like to hear HIS version of events before I pass any judgement.  Should I go out on the date and give him the chance to explain and risk making my family INSANELY ANGRY (especially dad) or should I just nip all of this in the bud and shut it down? Even if he has a good explaination of the events, my dad will NEVER accept him.  I, however, believe that everyone makes mistakes and I'd like to give him a chance. Please tell the "sisters" to go easy on me.

~Lost in Owasso
Many listeners drew the line at dating a felon, but the VOO Crew also heard from a few felons who had changed their ways and wanted a chance.  What would you do?

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