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Not seeing enough Ryan Seacrest on TV?

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 NBC's Million Second Quiz debuts tonight (Monday) and could turn to be the biggest game show hit since Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Or it could flop. After its debut tonight MSQ will be broadcast on NBC for an hour a night, every night, until September 19, with one break for Sunday Night Football.

.... Contestants, some of whom will be picked to compete on the basis of their Internet play, will take turns sitting in the “money chair,” where every second spent answering trivia questions is worth $10. Correct answers help them reach Winners Row, an area on the set where the five best players will live and sleep (and keep answering questions, lest they be kicked out of the top five) until the million seconds are up.

... Since the quiz show isn’t taped like, say, Jeopardy, some questions will be about the day’s news. Other questions will be asked by celebrities. If there’s a question about the weather, Al Roker would ask it. On the final night, the final contestants on Winners Row will vie for a grand prize that could theoretically top out at $10 million, though it’s likely to be closer to $5 million.
Catch all the action on KJRH/Channel 2 tonight!

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