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A Minnesota Dairy Queen employee is being praised around the country for refusing to serve a woman who stole a blind customer's $20 bill — and then replacing the man's twenty dollars with money out of his own pocket.

19 year old Joey Prusak saw the blind man drop $20 on the ground. As he walked away a woman picked up the money and put in her purse. Prusak said the whole thing happened so quickly that he didn't have enough time to inform the man that he had dropped the money. When the woman reached the counter, however, Prusak demanded she return the $20 to its rightful owner.

Prusak (who has worked at the DQ since the age of 14-and was just recently promoted to manager)  told her, "You can either return the $20 bill or you can leave the store, because I'm not going to serve someone as disrespectful as you." After exchanging some angry words with Prusak, the woman eventually decided to leave.

... But Prusak wasn't done setting things right just yet. Once he was finished helping the other customers in line, Prusak approached the blind man, who was still inside the store eating, and pulled a $20 bill out of his own pocket. A customer seated nearby witnessed the whole thing, and decided to write a letter to DQ praising Prusak.

Once the letter reached the Main Street DQ's owner it was posted on the employee board for the rest to see. It didn't remain in-store for long: A photo of the letter was eventually posted to Facebook by an employee, and from there it made its way to the rest of the Internet.

If that wasn’t cool enough, yesterday the young man received a call from the company’s corporate office.  It was the big boss, and the owner of the Dairy Queen brand.  His name: Warren Buffett.

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