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No Tipping, Please!

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Note:  Working mornings, I do not get out much…Hardly hit the bars, and if me and my wife are lucky, might go out once or twice a month.  When and if we do, it is normally a nice place-with great food, and a staff that is worthy of my typical 20% tip.  But, have you ever been to a place where it seemed that your tip was “expected” or even if the food and service were just OK you felt obligated to tip?  –sure you have.  How’s this for a concept?  ~Rowdy



Jay Porter recently wrote a series of posts about his experience running a restaurant that abolished tipping. A couple of years after opening the Linkery restaurant in San Diego, Porter and his managers adopted a policy of adding to each dining-in check a service charge of 18 percent — a little less than their tip average had been. They also refused to accept any payment beyond that service charge. When Linkery switched from tipping to a service charge, the food improved; Porter thinks because his cooks were being paid more and didn't feel taken for granted. In turn, business improved, and within a couple of months, the server team was making more money than it had under the tipped system. The quality of service also improved. That wasn't mainly because the servers were making more money (although that helped, too). Instead, service improved principally because eliminating tips makes it easier to provide good service.




*Note* The JBG/Tulsa policy on the publication of certain photographs on the interwebs has recently changed.  Therefore, I will now begin submitting my own pictures, to avoid any copyright issues.  -ry


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