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Zombies like to party, too!

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 Did you know that in America, more people PARTY on Halloween than they do on New Years Eve?  It’s true!!!

Need a helpful hint on how to get over your mid-week overindulgence?  In the search for a foolproof and proven cure for the hangover, a new highly unlikely candidate has emerged, but many experts are skeptical. The New York Daily News reported that a pocket of Chicago graduate and undergraduate students swear by drinking Pedialyte the morning after a night of drinking to cure a hangover. Last week it was reported that Chinese researchers had tested several beverages and hangover cures and found Sprite to the best option. But Pedialyte's most hardcore believers say the liquid meant for infants suffering from dehydration, vomiting or diarrhea is the best morning-after remedy.  ~Parents, at least you know your hard work is paying off.  Your college ages children ARE contributing to a better tomorrow; literally.

*Note* The JBG/Tulsa policy on the publication of certain photographs on the interwebs has recently changed.  Therefore, I will now begin submitting my own pictures, to avoid any copyright issues.  -ry  

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