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A diet that EVERY man can agree on!

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 MAN LOSES WEIGHT BY DRINKING BEER AND EATING SAUSAGES-Evo Terro has managed to lose weight by doing what many men love to do — drink beer and eat sausages. Inspired by the yearly Oktoberfest celebrations, the Arizona man has been using this diet to lose weight for three years, drinking up to six beers a day, consuming 15,000 calories per week (about 2,100 calories a day). Last year, Terro even managed to lose up to 14 pounds. His doctor approves of this diet, monitoring Terro’s health. He promises to stop the diet if it turns hazardous. The doctor says Terro’s cholesterol has gone down, noting that most of the weight lost was body fat. 


-I’m headed to see my friend Darryl at Siegi’s as soon as the show is over…~Rowdy

*Note* The JBG/Tulsa policy on the publication of certain photographs on the interwebs has recently changed.  Therefore, I will now begin submitting my own pictures, to avoid any copyright issues.  -ry


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