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A Gold-Plated What????

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 For the man who has EVERYTHING!!!  Introducing: THE GOLD-PLATED iPHONE 5S!  Sure, you can get your iPhone 5s in Apple's own gold finish, but so can just about anyone else with a few hundred dollars to throw around. If you really want to stand out from the crowd of folks poking at their devices all day, you need the Apple Solid Gold iPhone 5S. Instead of the typical gold finish, this one comes in solid, 24-karat gold covering the edges, top, bottom, and back. You can also choose the platinum or rose gold additions — and if you're really feeling like showing off, go ahead and upgrade it with Swarovski style embellishments on the logo, bezel, and more. The gold iPhone 5S made with real gold will set you back over $3,000. *Or, in terms we can all comprehend: about 1/3 of my annual salary at KVOO.  ~Rowdy

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