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MMMMmmmmm, Yoga!!!!

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 I’ve been doing YOGA all along-and you might have been too!

Subway announced that it will be removing the chemical azodicarbonamide from its breads in an effort to improve the overall healthy image of the sandwich chain as well as the quality of their products. The chemical, which is found in yoga mats and soles of shoes is used to improve elasticity. It has been used by Subway for many years, but now, pressure from various watchdog organizations and customers seems to have worked.

... But is Subway doing enough? reports Subway's wheat bread is really white bread in disguise, with 8 of the 9 grains appearing in "miniscule amounts." The primary ingredient in Subway's wheat bread is "plain old white flour," and high-fructose corn syrup "plays a more prominent role than any single whole grain." The bread also contains such "far-from-simple ingredients as DATEM, sodium steroyl lactylate, calcium sulfate" and ammonium sulfate. This compound is loaded with nitrogen, which is why it's most common use is as fertilizer. The ammonium sulfate nourishes the yeast and helps the bread turn brown.

I, Rowdy Yates-am not worried, as I honestly believe the amount of MEATBALLS I have consumed, will be the first thing to kill me.

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