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Would you want to go back to high school?

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31-YEAR-OLD HIGH SCHOOL SOPHOMORE ARRESTED!  On Mother’s Day, a Texas high school sophomore was arrested for not disclosing her real age and name. You might be thinking that doesn’t sound like much of an offense, until you realize that the sophomore, Charity Anne Johnson, is actually a 31-year-old woman. Apparently, Johnson enrolled in New Life Christain School in Longview, Texas, last year. To register for the school, she used the name “Charite Stevens” and entered the 30-student  school as a formerly home-schooled student who did not have transcripts. New Life Christian School stated Johnson had been enrolled since October 2013. When she registered, Johnson gave school administrators a birth date that indicated her alleged age. Her current guardian, Tamica Lincoln, said Johnson sought her out in March, claiming she was 15 and needed a home because her parents died.

... Although it is unclear how Lincoln knew Johnson was using a fake identity, she along with Johnson’s mentor Paul Ward called the police and notified the school. This past Tuesday it was revealed to teachers that Johnson’s identity was fake and New Life Christian School is sending home a letter explaining the incident to parents. ~I don;t know about you, but I spent my teen years tring to get OUT of school.  While there may be some underlying perverse reason (and I am sure there is) why would ANYBODY want to go back?~Rowdy

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