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    Gee, Thanks Dad!

    A Pennsylvania man was not having much fun recovering from hernia surgery ... until he opened a “Get Well Soon” card from his father that also included a winning lottery ticket. Joseph Amorese scratched the ticket and was pleasantly surprised to find it was a winning ticket to the tune of $7 million. 46-year-old Joseph, who works for a phone company, and his wife Jodi, a social worker, both plan to keep their jobs despite collecting a lottery check totaling $4.6 million after taxes. While the couple will continue to work, they do have plans on traveling a bit and going on a second honeymoon. *I'd also imagine it is a perk that he works for the phone company. He's probably be spending a lot of spare time calling people, and telling them where to go and how to get there. Or, perhaps he and me do not think alike? ~Rowdy

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    Wear THIS not THAT (ever)

    What’s worse than swimsuit shopping? Not much, apparently. A survey found that 70% of Americans would rather go to the dentist, do their taxes, sit in the middle seat on an airplane, or visit their in-laws than go swimsuit shopping. 60% of women and 46% of men say they aren't ready for this year's swimsuit season. And when asked to pick their problem area between abs, butt, arms and thighs, three in 10 women said "all of the above." More than 30% of women say they plan on wearing cover-ups when at the beach or pool and one in five say they'll avoid the beach entirely. *In accordance with the Oklahoma Parks, Rivers, Lakes and Streams beautification act, I will leave my SPEEDO in the sock drawer. ~Rowdy

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    Just in time for Spring Break ... a company has come out with a machine that works just like a Keurig – to make Jell-O Shots in mere minutes! The Jevo uses flavored pods that get inserted into the automated machine, and it can make up to 20 shots in just 10 minutes. The flavors are much better than what you can get at the grocery store, too. You've got your basics like cherry and strawberry, but you can get wild with flavors like pina colada and margarita. For now, the Jevo is just for bars and restaurants – only because, according to its creators, it's not priced for personal home use. But they have plans to create a smaller model in the near future. I'll let you kow when mine arrives., ~Rowdy

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    You"re Not Going to Prom Wearing THAT!

    It's prom season, and that means teen girls all over the country are on a mission to find the perfect dress. But if you happen to attend Delone Catholic High School in McSherrystown, Pennsylvania, your dream dress may never see the dance floor. Just one month before the big dance, the female student body was informed that their prom attire had to be pre-approved by school administrators. The school's prom policy reads, "Women’s gowns may not be extremely short, have an extremely low cut front or back, have any excessively high cut slits, have overly revealing midriffs, or be inappropriately revealing – giving the illusion of nudity." Students are required to submit photos of the front and back of the dress for approval. This, of course, has not gone over well with students and parents – many of whom have already purchased dresses. Some parents have actually started a petition on stating, "Restrictions have been posted six weeks before the prom. Many parents have purchased non-refundable prom gowns ... Our children will not undergo scrutiny of prom gowns based on outdated, unrealistic expectations and rules implemented at such short notice." Over 250 parents have signed the petition, but the school isn't budging on their policy. While I think this whole thing is stupid, even I object to what *I* wore to prom in 1987. I just was not able to pull off the "Tux and Tennies" looks. Methinks it clashed with my sweet, red mullet. ~Rowdy

  • FPO

    We Like Big Butts, and We Cannot Lie...

    According to a new study from the University of Texas, men prefer women curvy women. More specifically, they prefer a curvy backside. Researchers found that guys instinctively pay attention to the spot where a woman’s spine connects to her hips and buttocks. If that connection is flat, guys aren’t turned on. But if that connection is curved – and it looks like a woman’s backside pops out – guys get revved up. And all this is supposedly an “evolutionary preference” because women with the right angle back there – approximately 45.5 degrees – are most likely to carry out successful pregnancies. So all the lust for big booties isn’t just men being shallow. Instead, guys just can’t help it. (if your waist is small and your curves are kickin'...) ~Rowdy

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    We Might As Well Just Call It a Week

    All right. We’re done with one wave of March Madness games and hopefully the U.S. economy hasn’t crumbled. According to a recent survey, almost three in 10 Americans have been watching March Madness games at work, with 39% of these slackers watching from their work computers. Another poll found that 56% of American workers spent an hour of each work day following the games. And, here’s where things really get bad. A full 14% of fans actually took a sick day – or plan to take one – to watch part of the tournament. The next games start this Thursday, March 26th. That gives you a few days to start faking your illness or building your alibi. Good luck. ~Rowdy

  • Spring Equinox Egg Trick

    When I was a kid, (and even now, honestly!) I always looked forward to the spring equinox because legend had it that it was the only day of the year where you could stand an egg on its end. I have often wondered if this trick would work on just ANY day of the year, or if indeed it was something that could only be accomplished on the first day of spring. And since I never tried it any day except the first day of spring, I never had any idea...until NOW...

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    Now We Know!

    A look at Google habits shows just how different Americans are from state to state. If you live in California, chances are you're searching for a good deal on plastic surgery. New Yorkers? You're more interested in discount weed. That's according to a new study by, which took a close look at what people are pricing using the Google search engine. The study shows a wide disparity in what each state's residents really want out of life. Nebraskans want a cheap keg, folks in Connecticut are curious what it might cost to hire a hooker and people in Montana are satisfied with knowing the cost of a fishing license. Other choices range from the simple – Vermont's quest for the price of a cord of wood – to the outright weird, like Ohioans Googling for a quote on private investigators. But New Hampshire residents come across as the most likely to want out of their state altogether: The top search there is the price of a passport. If you are curious: in Oklahoma, it is a breast lift. ~Rowdy

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    The Greatest News Ever!

    Get ready for the best news ever ... Thanks to scientists at the University of Illinois, hangover free wine could be a reality in the near future. Did you hear that, ladies? Hangover free wine! Scientists have figured out a way to genetically alter the yeast used to ferment grapes into wine in such a way that it releases an enzyme that can prevent the dreaded wine headache. Not only that, but they will also be able to alter the yeast to boost all the benefits of reservatol, which is what gives red wine those awesome health benefits. Cheers to science! Now, let's go get healthy! ~Rowdy

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    I Could Have Told You That

    According to a new study, there are too many studies being conducted. Seriously. For real. Researchers found that all the studies being done – and all the media coverage of these studies – are making it hard for researchers to focus. It seems researchers are struggling to keep things straight and to remember which studies are actually relevant. The paper, from researchers in Finland and California, explained that scholars are suffering from "attention decay." "The exponential growth in the number of scientific papers makes it increasingly difficult for researchers to keep track of all the publications relevant to their work," the paper explained. PS-this BLOG has a plus/or/minus margin of error of .985% ~Rowdy

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