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    It Was Bound To Happen

    A restaurant set to open in Dallas is taking the idea of the breastaurant and turning it on its head, replacing hot women in tight T-shirts with studly men. The new establishment, called Tallywackers, is pretty much the male version of Hooters – and they’re hiring. Expecting to open in May, Tallywackers is hiring hunky bartenders, servers, busboys, cooks, and hosts. So if you’ve got the abs – or a beer belly and a sense of humor – head on over for an interview. -and you were wondering the reason I was going out of town this weekend... ~Rowdy

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    Insulin, anyone?

    If there’s one thing Americans are good at, it’s creating crazy food. The latest over-the-top food comes from New York restaurant Sticky Fingers Joint, which is serving Cotton Candy Fries. Seriously. It’s a serving of French fries, smothered In caramel sauce, strawberry Pop Rocks, and cotton candy. How drunk, high, or exhausted would you have to be to point to such a thing on the menu and say, “yes”? For me, not very. ~Rowdy

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    How Dare They!

    The United Church of Bacon is a megachurch based in Las Vegas that praises pork. They've been around since 2010, but just recently have been making noise because they're claiming religious discrimination. According to church officials, a major bank is refusing to sign off on their documents because they don’t recognize the Church of Bacon to be a real religion or a real not-for-profit organization. It is for real. They’ve even got 9 Bacon Commandments to follow. So, because they’re real, they’re fighting to preserve the rights other churches and charities get to take advantage of, including access to credit offered by banks. As a newly ordained Minister myself, I have been looking for a house of worship to start. Perhaps an Oklahoma branch would be better received. I think it would be. ~Reverend Rowdy

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    At Last! a DIET Game-Changer!

    For a long time now, health-conscious drinkers have been able to enjoy only one of two options – light beer or red wine. But now, thanks to a new company with a cheesy name, diet whiskey is a thing. Thinn Light Whiskey – distilled by Sinfully Thinn – clocks in at 100 calories per shot and is low-carb, allowing you to go on a bender without suffering from a beer gut. *If it tastes as good as I hope it does, I am selling my stock in Jack Daniels. ~Rowdy

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    ACM's Up Front and Out Back

    Millions watched it all unfold on CBS. But, there was plenty going on back stage, and then the camera's weren't on. KVOO has the recap: Luke Bryan and Miranda Lambert were the big winners at Sunday’s 50th annual ACM Awards in Dallas. Luke won the night’s top honor of Entertainer of the Year, marking his second win in the category. He first won the award in 2013. Luke also shares Vocal of Event of the Year with Florida Georgia Line for “This is How We Roll.” Miranda led the night’s overall winners with four trophies in three categories. She beat her own record for Female Vocalist, taking home her sixth consecutive win in the category. Platinum won Album of the Year. Her win for Song of the Year for “Automatic” counts twice as the award goes to both the songwriters and the artist. FGL followed with two wins. Jason Aldean, Little Big Town, Lee Brice, Cole Swindell and Dierks Bentley were the other winners. Garth Brooks, Kenny Chesney, Miranda, Reba McEntire, George Strait, Taylor Swift and Brooks & Dunn were each honored with the ACM's 50th Anniversary Milestone Award. Representatives from Guinness World Records were on hand to confirm that Sunday’s event was the largest live awards show ever televised. Backstage, it was reported that the show drew 70,252 attendees. Most Talked About Moments Onstage and Off •Luke Bryan and Garth Brooks exchanged a hug and a kiss after Luke’s Entertainer of the Year win. •Garth premiered his Buck Telecaster and brought out American service members during “All-American Kid.” •Taylor Swift’s mom Andrea Swift got visibly emotional presenting a Milestone Award to her first-born child and international superstar. •Taylor and her dad Scott were caught on camera rocking out to Martina McBride’s “Independence Day.” •Randy Travis and Steven Tyler were the surprise guests. •Alabama entertained press backstage with an a capella version of “My Home’s in Alabama.” Representatives from Guinness World Records gave the group a world record for Most Consecutive ACM Wins for Entertainer of the Year. •Miranda Lambert and Brad Paisley each picked up Guinness World Records. Miranda holds the title for most consecutive wins as ACM Female Vocalist of the Year, while Brad holds the title for the most consecutive wins as ACM Male Vocalist of the Year. •Our unofficial award for Most Heard Question at the ACMs goes to, “Which camera do we face?” •Our unofficial award for Best Undercut at the ACMs is split by a hair between Sam Hunt, Dan and Shay, Nick Jonas and Jay DeMarcus. Finally, we do NOT expect a return appearance by "Skinny Jeans" on the show, ever, ever again. ~Rowdy

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    Prayers Answered!

    After dominating the world of ice cream, Ben & Jerry’s is getting into the beer market. The company has gotten together with New Belgium Brewing to create something called Salted Caramel Brownie Brown Ale. It will contain 6.3% alcohol and come in 22-ounce bottles. Be on the lookout for this magical brew this fall. I will! ~Rowdy

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    New York Will NEVER Be The Same

    A women's group is trying a new tactic to get men in New York City to kick the catcall habit – by placing signs around the city making whistles and unwanted remarks seem illegal. The clothing non-profit Feminist Apparel has taken credit for the over 50 signs that look official, even if they're not city-sanctioned. One of the street sign designs features the image of a cat being harassed by two stick figure men, with words reading, "No Catcall Zone." The other design mimics a "No Parking" sign and reads, "No Catcalling Anytime" with an arrow pointing in both directions. For what it's worth, city officials say they approve of the idea, but intend to take down the signs. A rep says, "While we understand the concept of this campaign, these signs were placed without permission." Good luck with that..~Rowdy

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    "Wolf Pack" Member "RANKS"

    Time magazine has released its annual Time 100 list of the 100 most influential people in the world. Bradley Cooper and Kanye West made the list and they each appear individually on one of the five different Time covers. Other honorees featured on covers include Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, ballet dancer Misty Copeland and Univision news anchor Jorge Ramos. Also among those making this year's list: •Kim Kardashian •Kevin Hart •Amy Schumer •Hillary Clinton •Reese Witherspoon •Chris Pratt •Jeb Bush •Pope Francis •President Barack Obama •Russian President Vladimir Putin •Apple CEO Tim Cook •John Oliver •Tim McGraw The Time 100 issue will be on newsstands tomorrow. I am nowhere to be found in it. ~Rowdy

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    Has Your Boss "Checked Out?"

    According to a new Gallup survey of American managers, 51% have basically checked out and don't care about their jobs or the company they work for. "Day in and day out, managers are tasked with engaging employees, but 51% of managers have essentially ‘checked out,’ meaning they care little, if at all, about their job and company," says the Gallup report. And, of course, if managers are checked out, that doesn’t bode well for the morale of the employees who report to them. Wanting independent verification, I decided to ask my own boss a few questions, and get her opinion on the article. -I could not find her anywhere :) ~Rowdy

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    Avoid Napping on the Job!

    Falling asleep on the job can be dangerous. Just ask the Alaska Airlines ramp worker who fell asleep on the cargo hold of a Boeing 737. His banging prompted pilots to make an emergency landing in Seattle on Monday afternoon. The drama unfolded on a flight headed for Los Angeles. According to Alaska Air, the plane's pilots "reported hearing banging from beneath the aircraft...immediately after takeoff." Passengers seated in first class also heard the banging and someone yelling for help. The airline added, "The captain immediately returned to Seattle, declaring an emergency priority landing" after the plane was in the air for 14 minutes. Since the front cargo hold was pressurized and temperature controlled, the ramp agent appeared to be fine, but was still sent to the hospital to get checked out. Alaska Airlines added, "Upon exiting, he told authorities he had fallen asleep." The airline says it's "actively investigating the matter." *The employee, likely, will be actively investigating new and exciting career opportunities. ~Rowdy

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