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    "Wolf Pack" Member "RANKS"

    Time magazine has released its annual Time 100 list of the 100 most influential people in the world. Bradley Cooper and Kanye West made the list and they each appear individually on one of the five different Time covers. Other honorees featured on covers include Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, ballet dancer Misty Copeland and Univision news anchor Jorge Ramos. Also among those making this year's list: •Kim Kardashian •Kevin Hart •Amy Schumer •Hillary Clinton •Reese Witherspoon •Chris Pratt •Jeb Bush •Pope Francis •President Barack Obama •Russian President Vladimir Putin •Apple CEO Tim Cook •John Oliver •Tim McGraw The Time 100 issue will be on newsstands tomorrow. I am nowhere to be found in it. ~Rowdy

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    Has Your Boss "Checked Out?"

    According to a new Gallup survey of American managers, 51% have basically checked out and don't care about their jobs or the company they work for. "Day in and day out, managers are tasked with engaging employees, but 51% of managers have essentially ‘checked out,’ meaning they care little, if at all, about their job and company," says the Gallup report. And, of course, if managers are checked out, that doesn’t bode well for the morale of the employees who report to them. Wanting independent verification, I decided to ask my own boss a few questions, and get her opinion on the article. -I could not find her anywhere :) ~Rowdy

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    Avoid Napping on the Job!

    Falling asleep on the job can be dangerous. Just ask the Alaska Airlines ramp worker who fell asleep on the cargo hold of a Boeing 737. His banging prompted pilots to make an emergency landing in Seattle on Monday afternoon. The drama unfolded on a flight headed for Los Angeles. According to Alaska Air, the plane's pilots "reported hearing banging from beneath the aircraft...immediately after takeoff." Passengers seated in first class also heard the banging and someone yelling for help. The airline added, "The captain immediately returned to Seattle, declaring an emergency priority landing" after the plane was in the air for 14 minutes. Since the front cargo hold was pressurized and temperature controlled, the ramp agent appeared to be fine, but was still sent to the hospital to get checked out. Alaska Airlines added, "Upon exiting, he told authorities he had fallen asleep." The airline says it's "actively investigating the matter." *The employee, likely, will be actively investigating new and exciting career opportunities. ~Rowdy

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    How to Get Over Him-the Scientific Way

    So it turns out the best way to get over a breakup is NOT to eat an entire pan of brownies, down a few bottles of Cab, or hook up with a stranger. Believe it or not, a study shows that the best way to get over it is to dwell on it. After studying 200-plus adults who had recently gone through a breakup, researchers at the University of Arizona and Northwestern University found that the most effective way to get over a split was to talk about it. They found that the people who discussed their breakups at length over a two-month period reported feeling less lonely and had fewer obsessive thoughts than those who didn't spend a lot of time talking about it. *Your poor friends … ~Rowdy

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    Fair Food 2015?

    It must be fair season, because someone has created a funnel cake ice cream sandwich. Picture vanilla mascarpone ice cream, sandwiched between two deep-fried funnel cakes. This sweet sensation if the creation of John Park, owner of Ice Que in Alhambra, California. For now, you can only get the funnel cake ice cream sandwich – which sell for $6.50 – on Thursday nights from 6-8 p.m, but John says if it takes off he'll increase the availability. Hopefully, we'll be tasting this tantalizing treat in September! ~Rowdy

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    One Crappy Criminal

    A crook in Iowa is sure to be the butt of jokes for some time to come after staging a robbery that netted him one thing -- a bag of dog poop! The victim called 911 and told police that someone had broken into the driver's side door of his truck in the wee hours of Wednesday morning. The suspect, who is still at large, used a blunt object to bust into the vehicle, and ended up damaging the steering column and ignition switch with the same item. When he realized he was getting nowhere with the truck theft, the wannabe crook decided to clean up by snatching the contents of the truck bed -- which amounted to one large bag of dog feces. The police report values the poop at one dollar -- but the suspect could still face charges of third-degree burglary, a class-C felony. I had no idea it was worth that much money. By the looks of my back yard, I am on my way to an early retirement. ~Rowdy

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    So long, Russ

    Russ McCaskey says goodbye to Green Country and KJRH next month. While he is bummed that his buddy is leaving town, Rowdy sees a growth opportunity.

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    Jason Aldean with The VOO Crew!

    He rang up Carly, Sunny and Rowdy just a few hours before his show tonight at the BOK Center. Hear, here...~Rowdy

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    Prayers Answered!

    Sometimes you just have to have a bean and cheese burrito ... and going out to get one is just too much work. Well, your prayers have been answered, because the CEO of Taco Bell just revealed that they are testing out a delivery service to become a more "on-demand" brand. No word yet on the market the delivery service will be tested in ... but we're pretty sure it will be somewhere there's a college or two. Or, access to a bumper crop of weed. ~Rowdy

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    iPhone Update 8.3 is "official" TODAY

    After teasing folks with a beta update a couple months back, Apple has officially released iOS 8.3. While software updates are usually nothing to celebrate, this time around iOS users are getting 300 new emojis. The redesigned keyboard set includes different skin tones for existing emojis, same-sex relationship emojis, new flags and more. The functionality of the emoji keyboard has also been improved, allowing you to swipe through the different categories more easily. To get the update, you can either connect your iOS device to iTunes or simply go to Settings–>General–>Software Update on your phone.

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    Doctors Say: CUT The Cheese (literally)

    Americans eat a staggering 35 pounds of cheese per year – and those numbers continue to rise. One reason cheese consumption seems to increase every year is that cheese may be just as dangerously addictive as hard drugs such as opium or heroin. Researchers at the University of Michigan found that cheese is way more addictive when compared to other foods, in part because of the way it’s processed. Scientists found that unprocessed foods – like brown rice or seafood – did not cause the same addictive behaviors in participants as processed ones, like cheese. There are two things about cheese that mess with our brains. First is the fat, which is a problem for almost everyone, regardless of whether they experience symptoms of food addiction. Cheese also has a chemical called casein, which signals our brain to release extra dopamine – the pleasure hormone – with every bite. I see The Betty Ford Clinic opening up a whole new wing for this problem. I'll be the first one to check in. ~Rowdy

  • Who Says Cats & Dogs Can't Get Along?

    Need to see some disgustingly adorable pictures of dogs and cats living and sleeping together in perfect harmony? Sickeningly have been warned...

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    I Gotta Get Me One of These

    A company in Slovakia says that they’re just two years away from putting a flying car on the market. AeroMobil claims they have a flying car prototype that fits into any standard parking space, uses regular gasoline, and can be used in road traffic just like any other car. And then, if you want to use it as a plane, all you need is an airport – or even just a grass strip or paved surface just a few hundred yards long. *I for one, will not be interested until they offer a model that can safely and securely tow my airstream. ~Rowdy

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    All Aboard

    NASA has mapped out its plan to land its astronauts on Mars by the year 2039. During a workshop titled “Humans Orbiting Mars” in Washington, DC this week, NASA says it first plans to have astronauts orbiting Mars by 2033 and then landing on the Red Planet just six years later. NASA says the ambitious plan is within its budget, but it could be hindered by politics. The planned orbit of Mars would take a total of about 30 months to complete -- nine months to get there, 12 months in orbit, and then another nine months to return to Earth. Amazingly, over 10,000 people have signed up for the "one-way" trip, and I have a few named I would LOVE to add to the list! ~Rowdy

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    Rock Hard Abs Easy!

    Now we’ve heard it all … A physical therapist in England says the way to get toned abs is to, wait for it, tie a string around your stomach. Sammy Margo claims that tying a string around your waist will subconsciously remind you to contract your stomach muscles – which will tighten your abs and flatten your stomach. If you want to play at home, here’s how she says to do it: You need to contract your muscles so you are sucking in your stomach, and then release the contraction by 50%. That, apparently, is the perfect position for the string. Tie it around your waist, and you’ll be strutting your stuff at the beach in no time … I'm going SPEEDO shopping, as soon as I find my old "Sky Spy" kite. ~Rowdy

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    I Knew It!

    BACON MAY HELP YOU LIVE LONGER Eventually, science always catches up with common sense. Most people knew, deep down, that bacon was good for us. How could it not be? It brings everyone who eats it so much happiness. Well, a new study out of Switzerland has found that bacon – because of the niacin that’s in there – lowers cholesterol, which lowers the risk of heart attack and coronary disease. Me and my school chum Richard are planning a party to celebrate this scientific discovery. Vegetarians are not welcome. ~Rowdy

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    What Will They Think of NEXT?

    Because boiling water apparently takes too long ... Barilla has created a new line of pasta called Pronto that cooks in cold water. You put the dry pasta directly in cold water, and it not only cooks, but it absorbs the water so you don't even need to clean out a starchy watery pot. You can even use chicken stock for a little more added flavor. Brilliant? You bet it is. If Top Ramen comes out with a competing product, I'd submit it for the Nobel prize. ~Rowdy

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    NFL Star arrested for WHAT?

    Through the years, the NFL has had problems with players getting arrested – and the arrests have been ugly. Drunk driving is ugly. Domestic abuse is ugly. Right now, Aaron Hernandez is on trial for murder. That’s as ugly as it gets. Well, New Orleans Saints cornerback Brian Dixon was busted and booked in Miami – mug shot and all – for something a little less serious. He was arrested for riding a moped. Unfortunately for Dixon, mopeds aren’t permitted on the streets of Miami. And when Dixon questioned the officers about why he couldn’t ride the moped, maybe a little too forcefully, he was arrested and charged with resisting arrest. He posted a $1,000 bond and is now free to do whatever he wants – except ride a moped on the streets of Miami and yell at cops. I hope this does not hurt is 'street cred' much. ~Rowdy

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    Gee, Thanks Dad!

    A Pennsylvania man was not having much fun recovering from hernia surgery ... until he opened a “Get Well Soon” card from his father that also included a winning lottery ticket. Joseph Amorese scratched the ticket and was pleasantly surprised to find it was a winning ticket to the tune of $7 million. 46-year-old Joseph, who works for a phone company, and his wife Jodi, a social worker, both plan to keep their jobs despite collecting a lottery check totaling $4.6 million after taxes. While the couple will continue to work, they do have plans on traveling a bit and going on a second honeymoon. *I'd also imagine it is a perk that he works for the phone company. He's probably be spending a lot of spare time calling people, and telling them where to go and how to get there. Or, perhaps he and me do not think alike? ~Rowdy

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    Wear THIS not THAT (ever)

    What’s worse than swimsuit shopping? Not much, apparently. A survey found that 70% of Americans would rather go to the dentist, do their taxes, sit in the middle seat on an airplane, or visit their in-laws than go swimsuit shopping. 60% of women and 46% of men say they aren't ready for this year's swimsuit season. And when asked to pick their problem area between abs, butt, arms and thighs, three in 10 women said "all of the above." More than 30% of women say they plan on wearing cover-ups when at the beach or pool and one in five say they'll avoid the beach entirely. *In accordance with the Oklahoma Parks, Rivers, Lakes and Streams beautification act, I will leave my SPEEDO in the sock drawer. ~Rowdy

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