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    The Greatest News Ever!

    Get ready for the best news ever ... Thanks to scientists at the University of Illinois, hangover free wine could be a reality in the near future. Did you hear that, ladies? Hangover free wine! Scientists have figured out a way to genetically alter the yeast used to ferment grapes into wine in such a way that it releases an enzyme that can prevent the dreaded wine headache. Not only that, but they will also be able to alter the yeast to boost all the benefits of reservatol, which is what gives red wine those awesome health benefits. Cheers to science! Now, let's go get healthy! ~Rowdy

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    I Could Have Told You That

    According to a new study, there are too many studies being conducted. Seriously. For real. Researchers found that all the studies being done – and all the media coverage of these studies – are making it hard for researchers to focus. It seems researchers are struggling to keep things straight and to remember which studies are actually relevant. The paper, from researchers in Finland and California, explained that scholars are suffering from "attention decay." "The exponential growth in the number of scientific papers makes it increasingly difficult for researchers to keep track of all the publications relevant to their work," the paper explained. PS-this BLOG has a plus/or/minus margin of error of .985% ~Rowdy

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    Is This The Worst Idea Ever?

    Facebook’s word domination continues … Now, you’ll be able to send and receive money via Facebook messenger. According to the company, the new feature would work similar to PayPal, Venmo and Snapcash. Users will have to add a Visa or MasterCard debit card to their account in order to send and receive money. The feature will be rolling out in the next few months. *If there is an upside to all of this, is that it might be the most convenient way for that Nigerian Price to finally get you that 15 million he promised... ~Rowdy

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    Where to Go? What to Do?

    Our pals at the City of Tulsa offer a few places to get your St. Patty's Day party on. ~Rowdy Arnie's Bar St. Patrick's Day Festival Date: March 17 Time: 10 a.m. Tuesday to 2 a.m. Wednesday Location: 200 S. Elgin Ave. Anticipated Attendance: 1,500 Host: Arnie's Bar Contact: Chris Armstrong (918) 812-6219 McNellie's St. Patrick's Day Celebration Date: March 17 Time: 10 a.m. Tuesday to 1:45 a.m. Wednesday Location: 100 S. Elgin Ave. Anticipated Attendance: 3,000 Host: McNellie's Group Contact: Scott Sipes (918) 582-2035 Kilkenny's Irish Pub St. Patrick's Day Date: March 17 Time: Noon to Midnight Location: 1413 E. 15th St. Anticipated Attendance: 500 Host: Kilkenny's Irish Pub Contact: Brett Rehorn (918) 582-8282 Woody's St. Patrick's Day Celebration Date: March 17 Time: 5 to 11 p.m. Location: 200 S. Elgin Ave. Anticipated Attendance: 7,000 Host: Woody's Corner Bar Contact: Doug Stockard (918) 794-8645 Saint Patrick's Day Date: March 17 Time: 8 p.m. Tuesday to 2 a.m. Wednesday Location: 200 S. Greenwood Ave. Anticipated Attendance: 2,000 Host: Legends Dance Hall and Salon Contact: Megan Francis (918) 766-5636

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    So long, Gary(s)

    THE NAME “GARY” IS GOING EXTINCT! According to Census Bureau statistics, the man’s name “Gary” is going extinct. The name has been plummeting in popularity since the early 1950s, when America saw nearly 39,000 baby Garys born. This is compared to 2013 with only 442 – the lowest since 1928. The name is now ranked number 578 in America. It’s the end of an era, so hats off to Gary Busey, Gary Sinise, Gary Oldman and my favorite, Gary The Snail. ~Rowdy

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    Give Me All Your, uh, Forever Stamps-and thin Elvis if ya got 'em.

    A Pennsylvania man is behind bars after he approached a woman at a post office ATM and demanded money. However, his biggest crime is being a huge idiot, because it wasn't an ATM -- it was a stamp kiosk. He was, after all, in a post office. Police say Damian Vazquez threatened an elderly woman with a knife as she was buying stamps and told her to take out cash. She told him she didn't have anymore cash because she'd spent it all on the stamps she was buying. He then ran away after an employee notified police. Cops eventually tracked Vazquez down to a nearby dumpster where he was hiding. He was arrested and charged with robbery and theft. Time to chlorinate the gene pool. ~Rowdy

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    Ladies, Have a Tattoo?

    DON"T SHOOT THE MESSENGER!~Rowdy ***WOMEN WITH TATS VIEWED AS PROMISCUOUS*** Tattoos are more common than ever, but apparently attitudes about them haven't changed as much as we think. A new survey found that women who have tattoos are viewed as more promiscuous than women without tats. A researcher at the University of Texas-San Antonio showed 211 participants four photos of the same woman. In one photo she had no tattoos, in another she had a skull and crossbones tattoo, in one a butterfly tattoo, and finally with a rose tattoo. Regardless of the tattoo, when she was pictured with ink participants immediately perceived her as "slutty." Head researcher Lisa Oakes said, "When she had a tattoo, she was rated as looking like she ... she might be more receptive to sex without a committed relationship. She looked like she had lower standards of partner selectivity, and she looked like she had a higher sex drive then the girl without the tattoo." Well, at least we have that going for us guys :) -ry

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    Forget The Flask in the Boot

    Have you heard of powdered alcohol? We've talked about it before. If not, you will – because the government has just approved the sale of “Palcohol,” and, according to the company, it will be available as early as this summer. Just mix some "Palcohol" with water or a mixer and boom! … instant cocktail. What could possibly go wrong? It will certainly *amp up* any tailgate party, or, in my case, make the opera more tolerable. Enjoy responsibly: if that is possible. ~Rowdy

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    Holy Cow (or, other animal parts)

    Is the world (or our heart) even ready for this? It’s only been a few weeks since Little Caesars unleashed their bacon-wrapped pizza, and now Krispy Kreme has come along with an exclusive new creation to put that thing to shame. Meet the “Krispy Kreme Donut Dog,” a hot dog in a glazed donut bun, slathered in raspberry jelly and covered in bacon. The Wilmington Blue Rocks, a minor league baseball team from Delaware, has partnered with the donut company to sell this beast during their games at Frawley Stadium. “The Blue Rocks are always looking for new ways to please our fans, and we think this is certainly going to accomplish that,” said Blue Rocks Director of Advertising Sales Brian Radle. “Krispy Kreme doughnuts and ballpark hotdogs are two of America’s favorite treats, so why not combine them?” The team has also set up a contest to help officially name the monstrosity, and they are accepting submissions until March 17. The winner will get to throw out the first pitch at opening day on April 16 and $50 in BlueRockBucks to buy as many donut dogs as your body can take. Will it rival the Krispy Kreme Luther Burger? We will have to take a trip to Delaware to find out. (c)

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    Medical Miracle? Even BETTER!

    Getting rid of a double chin could soon be an injection away. An injection called ATX-101 is supposed to target the fat cells in the neck to get rid of the dreaded double chin. The solution contains deoxycholic acid, which, apparently, eliminates fat cells. The drug is very near FDA approval and could be available later this year.

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    Sure, make fun of my PICKLES, will ya?

    I just may have the last laugh! ~Rowdy Does your life have a "purpose"? If not, you may want to figure out what it is. According to a new study, finding your life’s purpose isn’t just good for your soul … it’s good for your body too. Researchers at Mount Sinai St. Luke’s and Mount Sinai Roosevelt in New York studied over 137,000 people to determine what effect having a sense of purpose in life had on death rates and heart attack risk. They found that people who had a low sense of purpose were more likely to die early or experience heart-related issues. “Developing and refining your sense of purpose could protect your heart health and potentially save your life,” says lead study author Randy Cohen, MD, a preventive cardiologist. “Our study shows there is a strong relationship between having a sense of purpose in life and protection from dying or having a cardiovascular event. As part of our overall health, each of us needs to ask ourselves the critical question of, 'Do I have a sense of purpose in my life?’ If not, you need to work toward the important goal of obtaining one for your overall well-being.”

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    Super Sized Revenge (is the SWEETEST!)

    This is such a cool story … A man who was bodyshamed and ridiculed for doing nothing more than dancing at a concert is getting the last laugh – and then some. Someone – anonymous of course – posted photos of “Dancing Man,” as he’s been dubbed, on the messageboard 4Chan, along with the cruel comment: "Spotted this specimen trying to dance the other week. He stopped when he saw us laughing.” The photos caught the attention of Cassandra Fairbanks, a writer at The Free Thought Project in Los Angeles. On Thursday, in an effort to track him down, she posted the photo on Twitter along with the message: "Anyone know this man or who posted this? There's a huge group of ladies in LA who would like to do something special." By Friday, after more than 11,000 Tweets with the hashtag #FindDancingMan, she had her man. His name is Sean and he lives in London. And more than $32,000 has already been raised through gofundme to bring Sean to L.A. for the ultimate dance party. But it gets even better. Now celebrities including Pharrell Williams and Moby have expressed interest in joining the party. Looks like it's Dancer - 1, Cowardly bully – 0.

  • A Mother's Love

    Much like Oklahoma, Pennsylvania has been hit with a TON of snow this season! Unfortunately for the bald eagle population, yesterday's snow came AFTER a mama eagle had laid her eggs and was sitting on them high atop a tree. But this dedicated mother didn't BUDGE even when she was covered in almost a foot of snow! The Pennsylvania Department of Fish and Wildlife installed an "Eagle Cam" to keep everyone updated on her condition and the condition of her eggs! Take a look at one seriously dedicated mom...

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    Dude, Grab a Broom!

    BENEFITS MEN SUPPOSEDLY GET FOR HELPING WITH HOUSEWORK • More Sex – When couples share chores and bread-winning more equally, divorce rates go down. Men who share in dishwashing and diaper changing have happier wives, and more stable marriages. Which leads to … more sex. • Increased Happiness – Studies have shown that employed fathers who spend more time at home with their kids actually feel greater job satisfaction and less work-life conflict. • Success at Work – Companies that have family-friendly work environments are actually more productive and have higher employee retention. • Daughters with Higher Self-Esteem – When husbands do the same amount of housework as their wives, their daughters were less likely to limit their dreams to stereotypically female occupations like nurse or teacher. Me? I'm on the lookout for a French Maid outfit with a size 38 waist. ~Rowdy

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    Convict Under Contract!

    You knew this was going to happen. Remember Jeremy Meeks, the guy who was called “Hot Convict” after his mugshot went viral last summer? Well, even though he was sentenced to up to two years in prison in February, he has signed with an agent and plans to go from a life behind bars to a life in front of the camera. "I'm in a place where I will be able to provide for my family and really change my life," he told ABC News. "I never thought that everyone in the world would recognize me for my looks, so I feel extremely blessed and very thankful." Meeks says he wants to give both modeling and acting a try. "I wish I could be on a show like Sons of Anarchy," he said. Crime may not pay – but having a hot mugshot definitely does ... I hope they never uncover mine from Prom night 1987. :) ~Rowdy

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    He Lives in a N05 Can Under the Sea!

    NASCAR has announced that on May 9th, the Kansas Speedway will host the SpongeBob SquarePants 400! According to a press release, the race track will feature SpongeBob themed activities throughout the weekend, including costumed characters interacting with fans. Perhaps the drivers will allow SpongeBob to get behind the wheel of a car, although he is a notoriously poor driver. (Just ask his driving instructor, Mrs. Puff.) ~Rowdy

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    Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

    Police in New York are on the hunt for a man with a receding hairline who walked into a drug store and left with more than $800 worth of Rogaine. Surveillance cameras at the Walgreens store on Long Island captured the man pulling containers of the hair re-growth formula from a display case and stuffing them in his sweatshirt. The theft occurred on January 31st, and police are offering a $5000 reward for information leading to his arrest. But you better hurry up before he grows an Afro and becomes completely unrecognizable. ~Rowdy

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    Getting FIRED is OKAY!

    In a recent interview, Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour revealed her secrets to success – which included getting fired at least once in your employment career. According to Wintour, "getting sacked" teaches a person that "perfection doesn't exist," and you should fake confidence in your work as much as you can. Just Asking ... •Have you ever been fired? What was the job and what was the reason? Are you embarrassed or do you think it helped you in the long run? It has only happened to me once-and it was a 'side job' but it was good paying one., It still stings. ~Rowdy

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    Blue/Black, Gold/White all Equals GREEN

    So we’ve all seen that “What color is this dress?” meme – there was no escaping it. But it’s not white or gold or blue or black … the real color of this dress is green. That’s because ever since it appeared on everyone’s newsfeed on Thursday, sales of the actual dress – which is blue and black, by the way – have skyrocketed. According to Roman Originals, the company that makes the dress, sales are up 350%. Ching! -the Internet, got to love it. ~Rowdy

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    I'm Moving Back Home

    Earlier this week, an unemployed man vented on Reddit about his parents. He claimed that he had been “bought off” by his parents and given $250,000 to leave the house – and never come back or speak to them again. He wrote: “I’ve been 'bought off' by my parents. They told me I am no longer welcome to live with them, and I guess in some sort of twisted way of not feeling bad about it, they are giving me $250,000 to not contact them ever again. “I don’t know anything about investments, and I’m unemployed (but actively looking for a job – I have an economics degree from a decent university) and I want to know how to best manage that money so I don’t lose it and I get some return on it for the future.” -this is the kind of "conditional" love I've been looking for my whole life. I'm gonna go call my Mommy now. ~Rowdy

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