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    Usually we bring you stories of deep-fried, well, anything, when we talk about fair food, but this new creation is a little trashy, a little classy, and a whole lot of weird. At the Orange County Fair in California, Chicken Charlie’s is offering a $125 caviar-topped Twinkie. Yep, a Twinkie covered in fish eggs. I am organizing a prayer group this morning. Let us join hands and hope we never see this here. ~Rowdy

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    In Ohio, a deputy made a little girl’s day after he stopped by her lemonade stand. The little girl, named Gabrielle, set up a lemonade stand to raise money to buy an iPad so she could play games and do schoolwork on it. Deputy Zach Ropos was on patrol when he saw Gabrielle’s stand and stopped by to get a drink. Gabrielle told the deputy that she knew her family was going through some financial trouble, so she decided to sell enough lemonade to get the iPad herself. Deputy Ropos came back a little later with a brand-new iPad for Gabrielle. Gabrielle’s mom then told Deputy Ropos the little girl had just offered to give up all of her lemonade money so her mom could buy gas. Thanks to Deputy Ropos, the family was able to turn lemons into lemonade. Can you? ~Rowdy

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    Be Still My Artery Clogged Heart

    With summer here, county fairs and state fairs are rolling, full tilt, deep-frying everything from cheese curds to Kool-Aid. So … why not give the deep-fry treatment to something else that’s totally delicious – like a Big Mac sandwich? That’s exactly what the genius behind the PeepMySneaks Instagram account has done. The founder of this account used to be a hotshot in the world of athletic shoes. Get it? Peep My SNEAKS? Well, his latest idea was to drop that burger – consisting of two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun – into a vat of hot grease. What’s not to like? I expect this to be the hot seller at the Tulsa State Fair this year. ~Rowdy

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    I Dunno About This...

    McDonald’s is going after a different kind of commuter. The company is introducing the “McBike,” a drive-thru box made for cyclists. The packaging, designed to hook onto bicycle handlebars, can carry a burger, fries, and a drink. The McBike packaging has been tested in Copenhagen, Denmark, and Medellin, Colombia. Next up is Amsterdam and Tokyo. No word on when (or if) they will be available in the U.S. I am not holding my breath, or braking out my Schwinn Lemon Peeler. ~Rowdy

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    Getting Married? Consider This.

    This is pretty cool ... One of the hottest new wedding trends involves ditching the wedding favors ... and donating the money to a charity instead. Brides and grooms are picking a cause that is near and dear to them and then making a donation to that charity – in their guests' honor. Sure beats his and hers salt shakers ... It's a win-win really. Donating to charity is a wonderful way to support a cause that is important to you, and you don't waste money on favors that most guests don't really want or appreciate anyway. I love the idea. ~Rowdy

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    Breakfast Will Never Be The Same

    Breakfast cereal is an important part of the diets of many men, especially bachelors. When you just don’t have time to boil some water for ramen or microwave a burrito, you can always just pour a bowl of cereal. No muss. No fuss. Well, General Mills is making a radical change to their cereals and have vowed to eliminate all artificial colors and flavors. For cereals like Cheerios and Wheaties, it doesn’t seem like it would be too hard. But for Lucky Charms and Trix? How in the world will they do it? Is there anything in those cereals that’s currently natural? Well, give them some credit for taking healthy steps and replacing whacked out chemicals with fruits, vegetables, and spices. We will soon see if they’re able to maintain that unnaturally fruity flavor with actual natural food. -good luck with that. ~Rowdy

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    What a Birthday Gift!

    Your summer road trip just got a little Spammier. Apparently, Spam jerky is a thing. The dried Spam bites will be available in three flavors: Bacon, Teriyaki and Classic. Yum? -yeah! ~Rowdy

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    Something for Father's Day

    Father’s Day is today, and one father will be especially happy because he was able to donate a part of his liver to save his nine-month-old son. Three months after Caleb Munn was born, it was discovered that the little tyke had a rare and serious liver disease. The poor kid had to undergo a number of surgeries, but nothing seemed to be working. Running out of options, the doctors decided that Caleb needed a liver transplant immediately – which was when his father, Brian, stepped up and donated part of his liver to his son. Brian recovered easily, but Caleb still had a few hurdles to clear – including additional surgeries. Finally, Caleb was able to come home – and now the entire family is excited to celebrate Father’s Day together. ~Rowdy

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    It's Only Fair She Gets HALF!

    A spurned boyfriend in Germany cut everything he owns in half in order to spite his ex-girlfriend. eBay user "der.juli" took power tools to his most expensive possessions, including a TV, an iPhone 5, an Apple laptop, and even his car. He then sent his ex-girlfriend her share. She got half – and he’s selling his half on eBay. His attention to detail is stunning. Chairs were cut in half, with clean lines. Same thing with a bicycle, a teddy bear, an REM record, a sofa, and even a mailbox. His parting shot was featured in a video he shot. He wrote the following caption: “Thank you for 12 'beautiful' years Laura!!!!! You've really earned half.” They’re probably not getting back together. ~Rowdy

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    Cheers, bro-

    Details magazine is reporting a new drinking trend … It seems that more and more guys are drinking rosé – you know … pink wine – and they’re supposedly not even embarrassed about it. Back in the day, pink wine might have been shunned because it felt like a Sex and the City drink. On top of that, pink wine can be pretty nasty, the kind of stuff you put a paper bag around and chug while sitting on a curb. Well these days, some guys are embracing the pink without flinching and finding out that many wine makers are actually making rosé that doesn’t taste like watered down Kool Aid mixed with vodka. With the hot summer months upon us, it’s something to consider next time you order wine. Just, please, don’t call it “brosé.” ~Rowdy

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    You can all breathe a sigh of relief … because the taco emoji has finally arrived. Yesterday, Emojipedia introduced 37 new emojis that will be added to Unicode 8.0. And, yes, among those emoji s will be a taco AND a burrito. *I am hoping the 8.1 release will include some hot sauce packets. ~Rowdy

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    It is National "Eat Your Veggies" Day

    ...likely lobbied by the Hallmark corporation to sell more greeting cards, I still think the idea is a good one. After all, eating vegetables one day a year will do SO much to prolong life in the states. Moreover the entire planet. But, there are some people who draw the line when it comes to certain veggies. Which ones will YOU never eat? Feel free to leave your comments below. Now, dig in. ~Rowdy

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    Wakin' w/ BACON!

    There’s a new alarm clock out there that makes getting out of bed each morning far more enjoyable by spritzing the air with some of your favorite scents, including salt water, money, freshly squeezed orange juice, and … bacon...That’s right. The SensorWake allows users to plug in different cartridges that offer up different smells when the alarm goes off. The project has been FULLY funded fully with a Kickstarter campaign (and exceeded the goal by $90,000 dollars) and the product is expected to be available to the public this November. *sounds like the perfect Christmas gift. ~Rowdy

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    Attention ATARI Advocates

    The old school games Pong and Doom have been inducted into the first Video Game Hall of Fame. The idea behind the Video Game Hall of Fame is to find influential games. Pong and Doom were certainly that. Tetris, Super Mario Bros, Pac-Man, and World of Warcraft were also chosen, but Angry Birds and Minecraft were rejected. *My suggestion would be to head back down to the parents basement, and work on the campaign for next year. ~Rowdy Sorry, Angry Birds and Minecraft fans. There's always next year.

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    Brilliant! BACON :)

    A good way for a business to stay in business is to give people what they want. Well, people love their bacon, so Indiana’s Hoosier Lottery is promising the winner a 20-year supply of bacon ... along with a cash prize of up to $10,000. Bacon and cash. What’s not to like? Anyone who plays the game will pay $2 for a bacon-scented scratch-off ticket in hopes of hitting the jackpot. If the winner isn’t interested in the avalanche of bacon, they can instead receive a lump sum of $5,000. -if they did this with Oklahoma BEEF, I'd be all over it, in more ways than one...~Rowdy

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    Good Morning! Rowdy here. Working on the new web/portal that our website vendor provides us, yet neglected to tell any of us they were upgrading. Not that I am opposed to upgrades. I really have no content to place up here-I just need to see how it works, and if by some miraculous happenstance, this makes it to the world-wide-of-web. I even attached my favorite picture of my Mom from the 80's. She was quite the looker, huh? She still is. Anyway, I am curious who in actually reads this, and even if the management themselves breeze over it, as it is them that mandates we do them. Bill, Jules, David, Alexis? Anyone? Beuller? It was posted on Saturday, 6/13/15 at 7:09am ~Rowdy

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    This Hasn't Happened At Your House?

    A Florida man couldn't dance his way out of an arrest after cops spotted him twerking on the hood of a marked patrol car -- to save his town's children from vampires. Christian Radecki told cops he had no choice but to drive to the sheriff's home to perform his dance routine -- after a "woman with fangs" came to his door and said children were going to be sacrificed to vampires. A security camera recorded the 44-year-old turning up the radio of his own car before hopping out and climbing onto the roof of the cruiser. Radecki bopped, shimmied and twerked through several songs before ripping the windshield wiper off the vehicle and running off to get an American flag, which he wrapped around himself just as arresting officers arrived -- you know, to take a bite out of crime. ~Rowdy

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    Grab a Kleenex: You'll Need It

    Last month, the parents of Kazzie Portie were riding their motorcycle in Orange, Texas, when they were stuck by a pickup truck and tragically killed. The driver of that truck was charged with intoxication manslaughter. Police officer Eric Ellison had the terrible task of informing 18-year-old Kazzie of his parents' passing, and as he sat with the devastated teen, Ellison learned that Kazzie was just a week away from graduating high school and that he didn't think he could go to the ceremony without his parents there. That's when the officer made a promise to the teenager. "I said, 'You are going to walk [to accept your diploma]!'" Ellison told Buzzfeed. "Your mom and dad will have front-row seats looking down from heaven, and I'll stand in their place. I've got your back." The Texas cop followed through. He stood at the end of the stage and hugged Kazzie after he received his diploma as the entire school cheered and applauded in a heartwarming standing ovation, turning something that could have been dark and depressing into something at least a little brighter. It's the Lone Star State's equivalent of "The Oklahoma Standard" for this cop, and is one thing that Texans and Okies can agree was a damn good thing to do. ~Rowdy

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    Looking for Love Guys? -get a dog

    Hey, guys, want to know the kind of dog that will earn you points with the ladies? According to a survey by the app Kloof, women say the most desirable dog for a man to have is a Lab or a Golden Retriever. That’s because these dogs are loyal and have sweet dispositions – two traits that women find very attractive. And it goes both ways. According to the survey, man saw women who had Labs or Golden Retrievers as more trustworthy and relationship material. Hence the reason I have two, and a wife that loves me. *and them. ~Rowdy

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    Look Out Ladies!

    #4 is about to be 'out the door." Fifty Shades fans, if you’re sick of re-reading the books while you wait for the next movie to come out, here’s some exciting news. Author E.L. James just announced on Twitter that she is releasing a new companion book that retells the saga of Ana and Christian – from Christian’s point of view. The book, titled Grey, will be released on June 18th, which also happens to be Christian’s birthday. This will certainly be the beach read of the summer. Hence the reason I am heading to the mountains instead. ~Rowdy

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