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  • Honey, it is a scientific fact!

    BonusBLOG! SCIENTISTS SAY MEN NEED NIGHTS OUT WITH THEIR FRIENDS Researchers in Germany found it was good for the health of men to be allowed time to bond with other guys. According to the study, male bonding is more likely to lower a man's stress levels than a night out with his wife or girlfriend, or time spent with the family. It seems guys suffer less anxiety – and have to deal with lower levels of stress hormones – when out in a group. –and where there is beer. ~Rowdy

  • Tweak Your Beak!

    A NEW WAY TO A NEW NOSE If you've toyed around with the idea of a nose job but aren't quit ready to pull the trigger, there's a solution for you that you're going to like. It's called liquid rhinoplasty, and it basically involves injecting fluid into your nose to change the shape, reshape the nasal tip, straighten the nose, and smooth out the bumps. It's only temporary though, so it's more of a way to take your new nose for a test drive before buying it. They even claim that the procedure is pain-free .. .though not free of charge. Just Asking ... What body part/procedure would you like to test drive before buying? And now, a rare treat, from our pal at Mad Magazine. Dig it, hepcat. ~Rowdy

  • RowdyBLOG-9

    SIGNS YOU'RE IN THE WRONG JOB As we roll through December, it’s a time for many people to examine what happened over the last year – and what they want to happen in the coming year. It could be that you’re in the wrong job. How do you know? Well, here are some signs to look for: • You no longer believe in what the company does. • Your job doesn’t tap into your natural abilities. • You aren’t gaining new skills or you don’t feel challenged. • You don’t find joy in the victories at work. • You don’t feel your work is valued. • You realize growth opportunities are severely limited. • You hate it when new friends ask what you do for a living. • You’ve lost respect for your boss. • You’ve got an "itch" for a new job that is overwhelming. So, I'm just asking to ask: What’s the boldest move you have planned for 2015? In your wildest dreams, what’s the best thing that could happen to you in 2015? Are you actually going to do something in the New Year to chase this dream? -Leave your comments below...

  • RowdyBLOG-8

    FOUR-YEAR-OLD'S LOVE LETTER GOES VIRAL Valentine's Day is still two months away, but a true Casanova spreads the love all year-round. Just ask four-year-old Bennet Skinner. The pint-sized Romeo has become a viral sensation after a love letter he wrote to a classmate was posted online. Bennet told his mother he wanted to write a letter to Baily, a girl in his pre-school class, so he dictated it to her as she typed. The adorable letter reads, "Will you please come to my house? Let’s play together. I think you are pretty like a horse or a ladybug. I’m not sure which. You should come to my house and eat cheeses with me. I love you and I lost a tooth last night. I think I would like to do a magic trick for you and then let you watch me battle robots. Love, Bennet." Bennet's mom Jennifer says, "He talks constantly about [Baily] and how much he loves her 'yellow hair.' He will be having his fifth birthday party in a few weeks and the theme is knights and princesses. He is over the moon knowing that Baily will be dressed as a princess." Jennifer also said all the recent attention Bennet has received has been a welcome distraction from the health issues he has had to deal with. Bennet was diagnosed with cancer at just six months old, but the family is hopeful that an upcoming checkup “will finally declare him cancer free," she said.

  • RowdyBLOG-6

    Holiday Stressors! -we've got 'em... Like it or not, the holidays are upon us. The season is supposed to be a time of “comfort and joy,” but for lots of us, it’s a time of stress. In fact, a whopping 90% of Americans said they stressed out over at least one aspect of the season. According to a Consumer Reports survey, these are the Top 11 things that Americans dread about the holidays: 1. Crowds and long lines – 68% 2. Gaining weight – 37% 3. Getting into debt – 37% 4. Gift shopping – 28% 5. Traveling – 25% 6. Seeing certain relatives – 24% 7. Seasonal music – 23% 8. Disappointing gifts – 19% 9. Having to attend holiday parties or events – 16% 10. Having to be nice – 15% 11. Holiday tipping – 12% So, what causes you the most stress during the holidays? –more importantly, how do you AVOID it? ~Rowdy

  • Holiday Stressers-we've got the list!

    Like it or not, the holidays are upon us. The season is supposed to be a time of “comfort and joy,” but for lots of us, it’s a time of stress. In fact, a whopping 90% of Americans said they stressed out over at least one aspect of the season. According to a Consumer Reports survey, these are the Top 11 things that Americans dread about the holidays: 1. Crowds and long lines – 68% 2. Gaining weight – 37% 3. Getting into debt – 37% 4. Gift shopping – 28% 5. Traveling – 25% 6. Seeing certain relatives – 24% 7. Seasonal music – 23% 8. Disappointing gifts – 19% 9. Having to attend holiday parties or events – 16% 10. Having to be nice – 15% 11. Holiday tipping – 12% So, what causes you the most stress during the holidays? –more importantly, how do you AVOID it? ~Rowdy

  • RowdyBLOG-7

    DATING SITE FOR WOMEN WHO LOVE MEN WITH FACIAL HAIR!!! Movember is over and men have gone from beards to bare-faced, but if you are woman who loves a scruffy guy, don't despair - there's a dating site that will match you up with the facial haired man of your dreams! Bristlr is the dating site for bearded men and the women who love facial hair. It launched just 6 weeks ago, but there are already tens of thousands of profiles on the site. There are even Apple and Android apps!. And the best thing about it – the ratio of bearded men and beard lovers is about 50-50. That means it's an even pool of potential dates. And get this: The creator of the site, John Kershaw, a bearded software engineer, started Bristlr as a joke and it took off internationally. He had no idea so many people were looking for love behind a fuzzy face. Beards: They're not just for Duck Dynasty cast members anymore... :)

  • FPO


    Pigskin Party! (Big Dog Daddy Style) College football and country music are like peas and carrots. Or, at least my good friend Forrest tells me. Which is why Toby Keith and Lady Antebellum are among the artists who've signed on to play CMT's Ultimate Kickoff Party Live From the College Football Playoff National Championship. Even if your team does not go 'all-the-wayyyy' it will still be worth the short drive Down I-35 to Big D. But, if you can't make it, the show will air live from Dallas on January 9th -- three days before the big game. Also taking the stage will be Big and Rich and Brett Eldredge. ~We should give big props to the SEC for having such a country lovin' alumni and student body. I could not really see this show being pulled off at a Harvard rowing event. Toby would be trying to mount an Evinrude outboard on the side of their boat! Rowdy

  • FPO


    J.R. Nicholson called for an ambulance because he felt dizzy. EMT workers arrived at Nicholson's home to transport him to the hospital, which was about an hour away from his rural home. Paramedics had no idea that J.R.'s 35-pound Beagle "BUDDY" was coming too. Buddy actually hitched a ride on the outside step of the ambulance so that he could be with his masterr. They didn't know he was there until about 20 miles into the trip when another driver flagged down the ambulance and told them the dog was holding on for dear life. At that point, they opened the door and let Buddy inside for the rest of the ride. Nicholson was kept at the hospital overnight but was allowed to see his four-legged pal. *Mine would have peed on the ambulance tire, and gone back in the house. ~Rowdy

  • RowdyBLOG-3

    Some people lose their shirts playing poker, but Jose Canseco recently lost his FINGER. The former slugger, who recently had his finger reattached after accidentally shooting it off, was playing in a poker tournament last night when his finger suddenly FELL OFF. In a series of tweets, Canseco explains that he knew something wasn't right with his reattached finger and then it just fell off. He says, "It was very loose with no bone to connect it. It was also smelling really bad." (It's always something right?) PS: Always trying to find the silver lining to every dark cloud, at least Jose and country star Jake Owen have something in common-losing a digit in incredibly stupid ways. (sorry) ~Rowdy

  • It is Veterans Day

    It is Veterans Day

    It is Veterans Day! KVOO salutes all those who have served, fought and died for our freedom. Enjoy your well deserved recognition, as well as a small thank you from a LARGE group of people who cannot express in words what you have done for our nation. ~Rowdy Yates, The VOO Crew Applebee Restaurants: They will again provide a meal at no cost for all military active, retired and veterans. BED BATH & BEYOND November 9, 10 & 11th, 20% off your entire purchase. In-store only. Big Lots – 10% off your entire purchase. Offer available to active duty, Guard/Reserve, veterans, retirees and their immediate family members, with valid ID. Call ahead to verify. BuyBuyBaby November 9, 10 & 11th, 20% off your entire purchase. In-store only. US Military ID required at time of purchase. Chilis. Free entree to Veterans and active duty military from 11am -5pm. Denny's: Get free all you can eat pancakes at Denny's. Call your local Denny's. Dollar General. 10% discount on entire purchase on Veterans Day. Offer good for all active-duty military, retirees, veterans, Guard/Reserve, & immediate family members. The coupon can be found in the store circular, or by asking an employee. Also good online, use Coupon Code VETERANS DAY. Fox & Hound and Bailey's Sports Bar. Veterans and Active Duty Military will receive a free item from the 7 under $7 menu. Active military ID, retiree card, or other proof of service required. Golden Corral: Military Appreciation - Golden Corral restaurants will host their Military Appreciation on November 17th with a meal at no cost for all military active, retired and veterans. Grace for Vets: Offers Free Carwash. The Grace for Vets Program honors all veterans and military personnel by giving them a free carwash. The program has carwashes participating in all 50 states and includes 467 carwash companies representing 1,181 carwash locations. Lowe's Military Discount: Lowe's Companies, Inc. will offer all active, reserve, honorably discharged, retired military personnel and their immediate family members a 10 percent discount on in-store U.S. purchases made during the Veterans Day holiday. Home Depot Military Discount: The Home Depot(R) is offering all active duty personnel, reservists, retired military, veterans and their families a 10 percent discount off their purchases in honor of Veteran's Day. Hooters: Free Meal. Hooter's is serving 10 Free Hot wings to military veterans all day on Veterans Day. Offer good for all veterans and active duty military personnel. Jos. A. Bank Specials: Veterans Day Sale- 1 Day Only!Jo'SS. A. Bank Veterans Day Sale OrdersKrispy Kreme: Free doughnut and small coffee. Available only at participating KrispypKreme stores. Offer available to all active-duty, retirees & veterans on. Little Caesars Pizza. US Military and vets get a free order of Crazy Bread, with proof of military status/service. Call your local Little Caesars to make sure they are participating in this dea Longhorn Steakhouse. Complimentary Texas Onion and non-alcoholic beverage for Veterans and active-duty military members. Visit their site to find a location near you. National Parks: National Parks will offer fee-free days to ALL visitors at more than 100 national parks that usually charge entrance fees. Olive Garden: Veterans and active duty military get a free meal on Veterans Day. With proof of service, choose from a special menu with breadsticks and a choice of soup or salad. Outback Steakhouse: As an expression of Outback Steakhouse's appreciation to our Country's veterans and active duty military*, a free Bloomin' Onion and Coca Cola will be available to them at every Outback in the country. Red Lobster. Free Appetizer on Veterans Day with military ID or proof of service. Vets may choose from a select list of appetizers. Find a location near you. Red Robin. Free Red's Tavern Double and Bottomless Steak Fries for all Red Robin guests with a military ID or proof of service Sport Clips – Veterans Day. Sport Clips offers a Heroes discount which includes active and retired military. Please call ahead to verify participation. Texas Roadhouse: Free lunch until 4pm. Offer varies by location. T.G.I. Friday's - Free Lunch: Valid for all US Military personnel and veterans. The Olive Garden, Free entrée. Offer good for veterans and active duty military, during regular business hours.

  • Toby Keith: Wanted in VEGAS!

    Toby Keith: Wanted in VEGAS!

    Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas has been offering loads of cash to big name performers like Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears and Kanye West, and now it appears they want Toby Keith. While the others have been offered a residency, Keith is being recruited for one show that would guarantee him $325,000 -- enough to buy a lot of beer for his horses. The paycheck is a little less than what Britney and J. Lo are getting and a whole lot less than the $500,000 per show deal that Kanye reportedly turned down. Toby's deal would also require him to do some meet-and-greet stuff. According to TMZ, Toby's rep says he will not be accepting the offer. They should have tossed in the ‘all you can keep down’ shrimp buffet. ~Rowdy

  • RowdyBLOG-2

    Far be it from me to go for ‘toilet humor’ But, my bucket list just got longer! ~Rowdy

  • Frighteningly AWESOME!

    Frighteningly AWESOME!

    Holy Cow! In the past decade or so, we've seen computer and lighting technology take Christmas to a new level. But, how 'bout a far more frightening day? Take a peek! ~Rowdy

  • Cool Kids Don't Stay Cool Forever!

    The "cool kids" in school may not be so cool when they grow up: A new study suggests the once-popular teens are at greater risk for relationship and drug problems in adulthood. Researchers followed 184 teens from when they were 13 (in seventh and eighth grade) until they were 23, and asked participants a number of questions about their lives, including whom their close friends were, which peers they thought were popular, and whether they'd used drugs or had a romantic relationship. At age 13, kids who acted "old for their age" — by making out with other girls/boys, engaging in deviant behavior like sneaking into a movie, and also hanging out with attractive people — were deemed to be more popular by their friends compared with other kids. But by age 22, these behaviors were linked with declines in popularity, and the former cool kids were perceived as being less competent at managing their relationships or getting along with friends. The cool kids were also at greater risk for criminal activity and substance use problems at age 21 to 23. *This clenches it, I am going to my High School Reunion now...~Rowdy

  • Driving with a Dead Man!!!

    A substance-abuse counselor was sentenced Thursday to 55 years to life in prison for hitting a pedestrian with her car and driving through a Los Angeles suburb with the dying man on her windshield. A jury earlier this year convicted 53-year-old Sherri Lynn Wilkins of second-degree murder, driving under the influence and hit-and-run. Prosecutors said Wilkins' blood-alcohol level was nearly twice the legal limit when she struck 31-year-old Phillip Moreno in November 2012 as she was leaving a counseling center. She drove 2 miles through the city of Torrance, California, before other motorists swarmed her car at a traffic light and kept her there until police arrived. Moreno was taken to a hospital, where he died. The judge sentenced Wilkins under California's three strikes law, citing her long history of drug-related crimes. That tripled the minimum 15 years to life she otherwise could have received before being eligible for parole. *She was a substance abuse counselor? Better the devil ya know, huh? ~Rowdy

  • Students Order a Hit On Themselves to get out of Finals!

    Two University of Georgia students didn’t have a death wish, but they did wish to be injured just enough to get out of their final exams. The two women devised a plan and took out an ad on Craigslist. The ad requested that the hit man literally hit them with a car. The women explicitly stated that they did not want to die, just simply be “injured enough to get out of taking our finals here at UGA.” The ad was placed under the site’s “skilled trades” section. -if you believe the children are our future, be afraid. Be very, very afraid. ~Rowdy

  • Burger King Enters Breakfast Wars!

    While Taco Bell urges America to try its Waffle Taco, McDonald’s promotes McGriddles, White Castle whips up Belgian Waffle Breakfast Sandwiches, Dunkin’ Donuts tempts with Eggs Benedict Breakfast Sandwich and so on, Burger King is going to sell a breakfast item it already knows everyone loves: burgers.... Burger King is rolling out a new “Burgers at Breakfast” menu that makes selected lunch and dinner favorites available in the morning alongside the chain’s regular breakfast items. Previously, the rule was that burgers weren’t available until 10:00 or 10:30 a.m. Some franchisees already had been circumventing that timetable and were selling breakfast burgers. Now corporate has given a formal green light to the practice. -Makes perfect sense...A 'flame broiled egg' is a bad idea. ~Rowdy

  • France Spending Millions on Hamsters!

    They're furry, with little round ears, and grow up to 10 inches long — and they're costing France $4.2 million. Europe's top court has pressured Paris into saving the Great Hamster of Alsace, an endangered rodent whose fate has drawn official attention before. In the current project, farmers will grow grains or plants liked by the little creature (like alfalfa and wheat). Industrial-scale farming, suburban sprawl, and freeway projects have contributed to the hamster's dwindling population — which is now between 500 and 1,000. It dipped as low as 161 in 2007. ~No word WHY there *rats* are worth saving, as my personal experience is; they taste just like chicken. ~Rowdy

  • Short guys have it good!!

    SHORTER MEN MAY LIVE LONGER ! It's nice to be tall, right? Sure, it's great... unless you want to become an astronaut, or a horse jockey, or an old man. A new study found an inverse link between height and longevity, finding that shorter men are more likely to live longer. The study concerned a group 8,006 Japanese-American men in Oahu, Hawaii, who scientists have kept tabs on for more than 40 years. They found that shorter men were more likely to have a protective version of a certain gene (FOXO3) which previous research has linked to a long life. As is often the case, though, the study raises more questions than answers. -nice to see they'll have the last laugh, even though they'll have to stand on their tippy-toes to point their finger in somebody's face,. ~Rowdy

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