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    Look Out Ladies!

    #4 is about to be 'out the door." Fifty Shades fans, if you’re sick of re-reading the books while you wait for the next movie to come out, here’s some exciting news. Author E.L. James just announced on Twitter that she is releasing a new companion book that retells the saga of Ana and Christian – from Christian’s point of view. The book, titled Grey, will be released on June 18th, which also happens to be Christian’s birthday. This will certainly be the beach read of the summer. Hence the reason I am heading to the mountains instead. ~Rowdy

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    THIS is Bruce Jenner

    He's a SHE now. Nothing else to see here. Move on... ~Rowdy

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    Losing the "Battle of the Bulge?"

    There’s something called Thunder God Vine that could start a storm in the diet world. Seems an extract from this Chinese plant could actually end obesity. The extract, called cleastrol, somehow enhances an appetite-suppressing hormone called leptin. When researchers gave mice high doses of the extract, they ate 80% less and lost 45% of their weight after three weeks. Me? I'm going to give it a try. Please pay no attention to the man parked in front of the GNC until the first shipment arrives. Rowdy

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    Bringing SEXY Back? -I think not!

    Looks like women are bringing sexy back … granny style. According to The New York Times, sales of thongs and other sexy underwear have gone down 7% over the past year … but sales of briefs, boy shorts, and high-waisted granny panties have shot up 17%. "Within millennial and Generation Y consumer groups, it’s considered cool to be wearing full-bottom underwear,” said Bernadette Kissane, an apparel analyst. “Thongs have had their moment.” And this is interesting. Fashion experts say this rise in “comfortable” underwear is because women are buying the underthings for themselves – not to impress men. “Most lingerie is designed to appeal to a man,” said designer Julia Baylis, of clothing brand Me and You. “For us, that’s not even a consideration. This is underwear you wear totally for you. “ And women are even showing off their granny panties on Instagram, with “Belfies” – as in, selfies from behind. Hence the reason I no longer have an Instagram account. ~Rowdy

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    Suspended for That???

    This time of year, high school faculties go on high alert as seniors typically carry out pranks in their final days of school. Usually it's just harmless fun, but some seniors at a high school in Maryland aren't having much fun behind bars. Last week, six students at Chopticon High School in Morganza, Maryland wore masks and hoodies and broke into the school in the middle of the night. Once inside, they released more than 70,000 ladybugs that they had purchased on Amazon. Four of the pranksters are under 18 and have been charged with burglary, property destruction and disruption of school activities. They were released to their parents. The others are being charged as adults. All of them will receive some sort of punishment from the school, and one of them has been barred from attending graduation. Me? I'd have given extra credit for creativity. Probably a good thing I am not a teacher. ~Rowdy

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    My Phone Sizzles!

    New emojis could be hitting your phone next year and one looks like it’s going to be … bacon. The Unicode Consortium in California – how do you get into THAT club? – invented 38 new emojis. Bacon’s a big one. So are a pregnant woman, a dancing man, a lying Pinocchio face and a cucumber. You’ll also be able to use a nauseated face, a motor scooter, clinking glasses, and an eagle – among others. And, for all you haters, you’re going to have to brace yourselves because emoji was recently named “the world’s fastest growing language.” I have also been clued in that the new buzzword for any food related art that you can text is also called an "EATMOJI." Where do these creative people find the time? ~Rowdy

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    The Secret to a Long and Healthy Life

    A Nebraska man who recently celebrated his 110th birthday may not be able to remember everything in his long life, but he knows what it is that has kept him alive for 110 years – beer. Mark Behrends, who became the oldest-living man in the U.S. last week, credits a beer-a-day for his longevity. The former farmer and construction worker, who worked until he was 80 and only stopped driving four years ago, says he drinks a beer every afternoon at 3 p.m. and says that has been the best medicine. His daughter says he'll usually just grab whatever beer is in the fridge, but he prefers the Miller brand beers. Here's to your good health! ~Rowdy

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    It's Called a "Contact High" Brainiacs!

    According to a new study from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, second hand marijuana smoke is not harmless. Far from it. Researchers found that people who sit next to weed smokers are affected by the smoke – even if they don’t light up themselves. In their study, the people who inhaled only second hand smoke in a room with ventilation fans said they did not feel high – but did say they got the munchies. As for the people exposed to second hand smoke in a room without a ventilation fan? Well, they picked up a buzz – and ended up testing positive for THC. While these were relatively minor side effects, some participants would not have passed the equivalent of a workplace drug test.

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    All Aboaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Elon Musk brought you PayPal. Then he brought you the Tesla electric car. And now, he’s looking to bring you high-speed trains that run on fans and magnets. Musk is moving forward with his Hyperloop transportation system. He introduced it as a way to move people from Los Angeles to San Francisco in a “train” that moves at 800 miles per hour. Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, the independent company that has taken charge of Hyperloop development, just purchased land between San Francisco and L.A. to use as a central track test site. The project will break ground in 2016 and is rumored to cost around $100 million. It’s a start. And, as they work out the kinks, it could change the world. Again. I'm in. ~Rowdy

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    Happy BirthHEYYYYYYYY!!!!

    A Sweet 16 party in Pennsylvania came to an abrupt and disgusting end thanks to an uninvited party-pooper. Family and friends of the birthday girl were having a good time in Joe Cambray's backyard when all of a sudden, poop started raining from the sky. Apparently, an airplane flying overhead dumped human waste all over the party. Fortunately, the bulk of it landed on a canopy, which shielded most of the guests. One guest says, "We'd just gotten done with the cake, thank God. Because within two minutes, something fell from the sky. It was brown. It was everywhere. It got on everything... It was gross!" The family has filed a complaint with the FAA. *if you can tie this picture together this this story, your sense of humor is as warped as minute!~Rowdy

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    Stupid (Oklahoma) Criminals

    CHICKASHA -- A couple of brazen burglars were caught red handed over the weekend. The pair made off with thousands of dollars' worth of stolen items but left behind a trail of evidence for police. "I was just hoping it wasn't what it obviously looked like," said Matthew Kennedy. "When I came out I noticed a trail of oil leading from that backdoor to my other neighbor's backdoor." According to police reports, the deep fryer leaked grease all the way back to the house of Steven McCarthey, 29, and his accomplice, William Bitsche, 40. The thieves stole $3,995.00 worth of items including televisions, golf clubs, high priced electronics, fishing equipment, and a fry daddy. My Mom insisted that you could use that cooking oil more than once. Now, I see why. ~Rowdy

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    "The List" is out...We're not on it...

    -and that is a good thing... ~Rowdy It looks like our nation's capital is also the capital of fitness. The American College of Sports Medicine's annual report on the fittest cities in America has been released, and Washington, D.C., came out on top. The American Fitness Index was based on such factors as rates of smoking, obesity and diabetes as well as the number of parks and community activity areas. The Top 10 Fittest Cities: 1. Washington, D.C. 2. Minneapolis, Minn. 3. San Diego, Calif. 4. San Francisco, Calif. 5. Sacramento, Calif. 6. Denver, Colo. 7. Portland, Ore. 8. Seattle, Wash. 9. Boston, Mass. 10. San Jose, Calif. The Least Fit Cities: 41. Dallas, Texas 42. New Orleans, La. 43. Charlotte, N.C. 44. Birmingham, Ala. 45. Nashville, Tenn. 46. Louisville, Ky. 47. San Antonio, Texas 48. Oklahoma City, Okla. 49. Memphis, Tenn. 50. Indianapolis, Ind. (Huffington Post)

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    It's Not Just For Kids Anymore

    Apparently, Pedialyte – the special electrolyte-infused drink for kids with the stomach flu, or even worse – has become a go-to hangover cure for adults. In fact, since 2012, adult use of the children's medicine has risen 60%. Pedialyte is packed with electrolytes and minerals used to treat dehydration, nausea, and headache – pretty much the exact symptoms of a hangover. ~With a 3 day weekend approaching, it might be worth grabbing a bottle or two: but, enjoy responsibly. ~Rowdy

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    Wednesday is THE Day!

    Why have a burger, hot dog and chips separately when you can have them together? Carls Jr. is introducing something called The Most American Thickburger. It’s a cheesburger, topped with a hot dog, which is split in half, and Lay's Kettle Cooked Potato Chips. You can get this burger monstrosity starting May 20th. It also comes with 64 grams of fat, 2,250 milligrams of sodium and 1,063 calories. But, it all evens out if you wash it down with a diet soda, right?~Rowdy

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    Move Over Truck Nutz

    You know those large rubber de-facto testicles that hang off the backs of trucks, usually off of trailer hitches? Well, an inventor has developed a specially designed set of plastic clangers that hang off the back of your bicycle seat ... and glow in the dark. You get class, style AND safety. A KickStarter campaign for the “Bike Balls Bicycle Light” has been set up and has already raised thousands of dollars – because everybody knows a good idea when they see one. Now I know what I am getting Sunny for Christmas.~Rowdy

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    That's Where I Put That DART!

    A British man who lost sight of a toy dart that he'd shot when he was a young boy finally discovered the rubber suction tip -- when he suddenly sneezed it out. Last month, 51-year-old Steve Easton had a sneezing fit, and when it was all done, he noticed an unusual solid object in one of his nostrils. When he pulled it out, he realized that it looked like the tip of a rubber dart. He called his mother to tell her what he'd found, and she remembered taking him to the hospital when he was seven because she thought he may have swallowed a dart. Nothing was found at that time, and it appears the dart remained in his head for more than 40 years until his recent sneezing spell. Easton says it never bothered him and he doesn't feel any different now that it's out. Still no comment from the dart itself. ~Rowdy

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    Talk About Early Arrival!

    Talk about inflight turbulence … A 23-year-old Canadian woman who didn’t know she was pregnant gave birth on an Air Canada flight Ada Guan and her boyfriend Wesley Branch were flying from Calgary to Tokyo, Japan, on Sunday (Mother's Day, no less) when Ada went into labor 36,000 feet above the Pacific Ocean. "She told me, 'Something fell out of me,'" Branch said. "I lifted up her pants and I saw a head and then I heard, 'Wah.' I thought, 'Oh my god, I think we have a kid.'" Their daughter Chloe was delivered with the help of three doctors who happened to be on the flight. No word on if the airline will bill them for a third passenger fee. ~Rowdy

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    My Name is Rowdy, and I'm a PHONE-a-Holic!

    A lot of us are “addicted” to our phones, but for some people, the addiction is so overwhelming they have to go to rehab. For real. There’s a recovery center in Tennessee called The Ranch that offers a special treatment program for people addicted to their phones. Experts compare phone obsession to compulsive shopping and other behavioral addictions. And if you think this kind of addiction is rare, think again. A study out of Baylor University found that female college students spend an average of 10 hours a day on their phones, mainly checking social media and texting. And 60% of people surveyed admitted they felt addicted to their devices. If I am unexplainably gone in a few weeks, you'll know why. ~Rowdy

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    Work for a WOMAN?

    According to a new study, female bosses are better at motivating their employees than men. The Gallup study, called State of the American Manager: Analytics and Advice for Leaders, found that 33% of employees are engaged and enthusiastic in their jobs when a woman is in charge, compared to 25% when a man is the boss. And consider this: According to Gallup, companies with engaged, enthusiastic workers outperform the competition by 147% in earnings. They also have lower employee turnover and absenteeism. The study also found that women were better at encouraging their employees’ development and progress, and women bosses provided more positive, constructive feedback than their male counterparts. Hopefully this study will make more companies promote women to executive positions. Right now, only one-third of Americans have a female boss. I have always been happiest that way myself! ~Rowdy

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    THIS is "Johnny Caddilac"

    All men know that it’s a bummer if you can’t make it home for Mother’s Day. For sure, your mom deserves to have you there, but life is complicated and you might have a reason to not visit on her special day. But, if you have $25,000, Groupon will help out by sending a perfect child – named Johnny Cadillac – in your place who will spend the entire day with her and do all the things she has always lovingly nagged you to do. The experience, called “A Mother’s Love is Priceless,” involves Johnny eating five full servings of vegetables (at once), rinsing dishes before placing them in the dishwasher, wearing pants, and even being nice to your sister. Mom also gets a $5,000 shopping spree at her favorite local stores, a one-day stretch limo rental, house-cleaning services, and a catered, in-home family dinner for up to six people, including centerpieces, candelabras, linens, and food. *Now, where is my AMEX? ~Rowdy

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