Who is Brooks Williams?

So, this is weird. I'm the new guy. I haven't been the new guy for a long, long time. That's because I was at my last radio station for 9 years, which is almost a third of my life. 

I'm a God-fearing man from Springfield, MO. Technically, I'm from Nixa , MO, which is the same place Jason Bourne from the 'Bourne' movies was born (look it up). I went to school in Nixa my entire life until I got to college. I spent my entire college career at the University of Central Missouri as a theater performance major. It was the longest semester ever. Yeah, my college career was short, but I quickly figured out that working in radio was a thing. So, I went to a fake college: broadcasting school. After that, I started on KTTS in Springfield. The station I was at for 9 more years.

So, I'm a Missouri boy. Lived there my entire life, until now. I'm so excited about the opportunity I have with KVOO and plan to be here for the long haul. So, please don't get tired of me. Here's some quick facts about ya boy (me):


- I'm super close to my family, including my 2 nephews and 3 nieces. They're all in the Springfield area, so that was the toughest part about moving.

- I'm a huge sports fan. I live and die with the St. Louis Cardinals. It runs in the family.

- I have 2 dogs that are my kids: Bob Dog and Dot Dog (you read those names right)

- I've met Garth Brooks 3 times and took a prom photo with him once (see above).

- I love the warm and hate the cold. I'd rather be outside on the lake or river or riding my 4-wheeler.

- I love shows and movies that a lot of women typically do ('The Bachelor', 'The Notebook', etc.)


I am who I am and although it took me awhile to be comfortable with that, I definitely am now. I'm also an open book and will answer pretty much any question you have about me... Assuming you have questions.

I'm pumped to be in Tulsa and hope to meet you soon.