Mardi Gras Madness!

Mardi Gras happens every year... and every year we get a little more creative when it comes to finding ways to celebrate Fat Tuesday and the festivities that follow. Besides just the drinking and bead throwing that can be expected at every parade across America, businesses have cashed in on our love affair with NOLA and given us all kinds of Kewl Mardi Gras themed things to consume. My personal favorite for the past few years has undoubtedly been King Cake Ice Cream from Blue Bell. I look forward to it every single year and have gone so far as to have it shipped to me. It's THAT good. 

This year, however, I'm thinking that Popeye's Chicken may have stolen my affection. They've introduced the Mardi Gras Bead Box and it's so ridiculously silly that I must have it in my life. Because what else says overindulgence like a box of delicious fried chicken hanging from Mardi Gras beads around your neck?! 

So what you're telling me is that I can accessorize, eat, march in a parade, AND have my hands free for a drink?!

I'm sold. Come to mama.