VOO Court Update!

You guys have been begging for us to follow up with some of our VOO Court peeps and we are giving you exactly what you asked for! 

Remember Eddie and his girlfriend's bestie, Susan? He wanted to propose to  his girlfriend Kristy on Valentine's Day at the Melting Pot and Susan called us to say "don't do it, man!". According to her, Kristy would HATE sharing her moment with so many other people and he would be better off to surprise her early and then celebrate on V-Day with all the fondue at her favorite restaurant. You all ruled that he go ahead and pop the question before Feb. 14th and he did exactly as you ordered! Kristy called to tell us that he made her breakfast in bed the day before Valentine's, complete with mimosas and an engagement ring! She nearly cried telling us about it and was insistent that we thank everyone who took the time to weigh in on the radio! Their moment was exactly how she'd hoped and the next night they were able to sit back and enjoy their evening at her favorite restaurant. I'd say he did a pretty darn good job on the ring, too! :) Good looking out, Eddie!


We'll continue to follow up with some of our favorite past VOO Court participants... which one do YOU want to know about?