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Here's your chance to prove how smart you are and win a prize from KVOO and The Amber and Brooks Morning Show!

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How It Works

Each weekday Amber & Brooks will call a "Can't Beat Brooks" contestant. Amber will ask you and Brooks the same 5 questions. If you have the most correct answers you win! But, you have to beat Brooks fair and square, if it's a tie, he wins the game.

Tune in to KVOO, weekdays at 8:05 a.m. for "Can't Beat Brooks" on The Amber & Brooks Morning Show!

Contestants will be notified at the email provided in the registration form. Amber & Brooks will provide a specific time and date to contact you for the contest; once you confirm you're available Amber & Brooks will contact you to play "Can't Beat Brooks" live on-air during The Amber & Brooks Morning Show.

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