Alexa, Open KVOO

Have an Amazon Echo or Echo Dot at home or at your office? Enable the KVOO skill so you can listen live to KVOO and access other exclusive content!

What is a custom Alexa skill?

  • Amazon's voice service is called Alexa. Much like your phone has an "app", your Amazon devices (Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Tap, Echo Show, etc) have skills. Users interact with their Alexa enabled device via skills.
  • Skills can be "default" - meaning they come pre-enabled on your Alexa device, or they can be "custom". Custom skills are searchable in the Alexa Skills Store and offer a more robust feature set.


Are custom Alexa skills free for Alexa users?

  • Yes, custom Alexa skills are free for users to enable and interact with on their Alexa-enabled devices.

How do I enable KVOO's custom Alexa skill?

No need! You can now simply say:  “Alexa… Open KVOO”


If you say “Alexa…Play KVOO”, you will likely open the TuneIn app so you can listen live.  If you want the skill to open, giving you access to the live stream AND exclusive content, saying “Alexa, Open KVOO” works best.


Skills have sets of features/abilities that you can access simply by asking. Until you are familiar with a skill's abilities, use Help or Options voice commands to hear what a skill can do. When you know what features are available, ask for your specific course of action.

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