A New Love For Jennifer Garner?

Jennifer Has been Secretly Dating

Jennifer Garner has reportedly been secretly dating actor Chris Pine! The pair met at a charity event in 2011 and became friends. But when Jen split with Ben a mutual friend set her up with Chris in May of this year. The two have been seeing each other when they can, neither of them have much free time. For right now, they are both keeping it light and enjoying themselves. She did however inform Ben of her new romance, out of respect she keeps him in the loop.  More details on the new couple here.

Prince Harry has been putting a lot of thought into the possibility of eloping with Meghan Markle. He's not into the whole royal spotlight, and dreads the attention a wedding would put on them. So he has been talking to Meghan about her thoughts on running off somewhere private to get married. Friends believe once they have agreed on a plan for the wedding that Harry will propose. Meghan's 35th birthday is on August 4th so that may be day he chooses to ask her.

Jennifer Lopez is supposedly getting cold feet over marrying Alex Rodriguez. She loves him but she just can't deal with the possibility of another divorce, since she has already had three failed marriages. She wants to give their relationship more time to grow before they move to a big commitment like marriage. Despite being hesitant, pals say she is really happy with the relationship and loves spending time with him. Details here

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