Another Wedding For Jennifer Lopez?

She's Got Huge Plans!

Jennifer Lopez is supposedly planning a huge wedding for early next year. Since it's the last time she's getting married she reportedly wants it to be as glamorous as possible. She actually wants to do a three day event, with tons of her famous musical friends performing. She sees it as a great opportunity for people to network in addition to celebrating her nuptials. Details here.


Britney Spears has been showing off her latest plastic surgery, and new set of breast implants! Reportedly the implants are a gift from her boyfriend Sam Asghari. Sam is a personal trainer, and they've been working on perfecting Brit's body at the gym. Even with all the working out she felt self conscious about her breasts, so he offered to pay for implants. Next up for Britney, who is 35 is a facelift. All this is supposedly in preparation for marrying Sam.


Kate Middleton reportedly had to convince Prince William to have a third child. Apparently the combination of her intense morning sickness and the fact that Prince George was a difficult baby made it a hard sell for her. She is one of three children, and wants at least three and up to five kids.Prine William was won over to the idea after Charlotte was born, because she was an easier baby than George. Kate is now pushing for a home birth for their third child,  according to reports

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