Are Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani Going To Be Competitors?

Is An Epic TV Battle Coming?

Gwen Stefani may end up causing some chaos in her relationship with Blake Shelton if she takes a new job. Rumor says that Gwen is being courted by American Idol producers to join their panel of judges. Insiders say Blake isn't happy about this turn of events. In past interviews Gwen said she was sad to leave The Voice, because she really enjoyed the process. However, she wasn't invited back this season, the now she is fair game for American Idol!


Another Bachelor relationship has failed, this time it was Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi. The couple officially called off their five month engagement today. Supposedly, Nick was very focused on his career in entertainemnt and the whole Los Angeles scene, whereas Vanessa was a more serious person. She didn't enjoy all the time they spent in LA, as she missed her family in Canada. The pair released a statement that they planned on continuing their friendship despite their romantic relationship ending. More here.


Jennifer Garner is supposedly putting her foot down regarding Ben Affleck's new girlfriend Lindsay meeting their children. Insiders say that Jen feels it would be too jarring for their kids to meet Lindsay, as they just finished adjusting to the idea of the divorce. Jen hopes the kids never end up meeting her. Meanwhile, Ben is very excited for the kids to meet his new love, but for now he sees Jen's point and is holding off with introductions.




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