Gwen Stefani Gives Up On Her Dream

No Baby For Her And Blake

After months of attempting to conceive, Gwen Stefani has reportedly opted to permanently shelve her plans to have a baby with Blake Shelton. Her efforts were just putting too much pressure on their relationship. Initially Gwen wanted to try to hire a surrogate or adopt, but Blake told her he didn't need to have a child. Once she accepted that, the couple has been much happier. Now Gwen will focus on planning a wedding and a happy life together.

Scarlett Johansson has finalized her divorce from her husband of two years Romain Dauaric. Scarlett filed for sole custody of their three year old daughter Rose, a move Romain initially opposed. However, he ended up agreeing to it, with the understanding he'd get visitation every other week. The two remain friends, and Scarlett is supposedly dating Saturday Night Live's Colin Jost. More here.

Friends say Meghan Markle has been very nervous about the prospect of meeting Queen Elizabeth, so how did it go for her? The two finally met on September 3rd when boyfriend Prince Harry introduced Meghan to his grandmother at her summer home at Balmoral castle. The two got along quite well, despite Meghan being a commoner. She also had a pleasant visit with Harry's father Prince Charles. Still no word on when Prince Harry intends to propose to Meghan, though everybody believes it will be soon. Details here.


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