Have You Been Wondering About Cool Sculpting Or Botox At Ideal Image?

Find Out More Today: Cool And Confident Event!

It's Kristina, and you probably have heard me talking about Cool Sculpting Fat Reduction from Ideal Image The Advanced Med Spa here on KVOO. Have you ever wondered what it's like? You can find out today at the Cool and Confident Event going on at Ideal Image on 61st and Yale.


I loved my experience, I was pleasantly surprised because I was able to go right back to work the very same day, and sessions were as little as 35 minutes! I got my lower abdominal area and hips done. Now I know that that fat isn't coming back, because Cool Sculpting is the only FDA cleared fat freezing technology that kills fat cells for good. 

Plus while you're there, you can find out more about Botox too. Have fun with Ideal Image's Cool and Confident Event going on today,

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