Is Jennifer Lopez Spying On Alex Rodriguez?

Plus, who set up Taylor Swift & Harry manscaping

Radar Online claims that Jennifer Lopez has a private investigator following Alex Rodriguez and looking into his past. Jen knows that Alex cheated on his wife with Madonna, and has a checkered "playa" past. So she now has someone following him to see what he is up to. Plus Jen has been speaking with some of Alex's exes to get at the real truth. She has supposedly spoken with his ex wife and Cameron Diaz. Jennifer doesn't want to be just another notch in his belt so she is covering all of her bases.

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Yesterday news surfaced that Taylor Swift had started dating again, and now we are finding out who set the new couple up! Taylor is reportedly dating a little known British actor named Joe Alwyn and pals Gigi Hadid and Emma Stone hooked them up! Joe is working with Emma on the new movie The Favourite and she thought he would be a perfect match for Taylor. Gigi gave the union a thumbs up because she had worked with him previously on a Vogue shoot and liked him. She's suppposedly been dating Joe for months but wanted to try something different this time and keep the whole thing out of the public eye. She wondered if maybe the relationship would have more of a chance if there wasn't so much stress from going public.

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Finally, they aren't even engaged yet but Meghan Markle is already ruling the roost! Insider say that she has demanded that Prince Harry manscape his chest hair because she doesn't like it. His brother Prince William has been teasing him over it, because Harry instantly fell into line and shaved.

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