Is Luke Bryan Joining American Idol?

Find Out Who Producers Are Targeting

Insiders say American Idol producers are just days away from signing Luke Bryan to come on board as a judge. This will pit Luke directly against his pal Blake Shelton's show The Voice. With Katy Perry already signed, they are trying to decide who else should join the panel. Among the names being thrown around are young pop star Charlie Puth and the legendary Lionel Richie.


Brad Pitt has recently  become worried that his children aren't getting properly educated. Insiders say that Angelina has lost control of the kids. They have hired tutors, but the kids are supposedly great at conning and manipulating. Not much actual school work gets done. Brad has long advocated for structured private school for the kids, but Angie wants home schooling so she can travel with the kids. Although Angelina lives just a few blocks away from Brad, she is reportedly overwhelmed by parenting on her own.

Alex Rodriguez is keeping things vague when it comes to his relationship with Jennifer Lopez. When at a press event this week for Shark Tank, he was asked by reporters if he and Jen had moved in together. He simply said that he didn't know. He also wouldn't answer about when he intended to propose to Jen. Insiders say he does want to marry her, but Jen isn't ready yet. Though she did admit in a recent interview that her relationship with him is the best she has ever had.

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