Jennifer Garner Confronted Ben Affleck's Girlfriend

They Supposedly Had An Affair

People magazine is claiming that Jennifer Garner confronted Ben Affleck's "new" girlfriend Lindsay Shookus back in 2015 when she found out about their affair. Lindsay reportedly refused to leave Ben. Supposedly Ben and Lindsay started their affair back in 2013, she was married at the time as well. Jennifer even went to Lindsay's husband at the time to get his help, but nothing worked. Ben's friends say that the pair were just friends back then and no affair occurred. More here


Rob Kardashian's battle with his ex Chyna resulted in a restraining order being granted against him yesterday. This after a weekend where Rob illegally posted nude photos of Chyna on various social media sites. Kris Jenner has big plans for the drama to benefit the family in the end. She plans to show it all on the upcoming season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians! Even though Rob is the bad guy in this scenario, Kris is not above using it to bolster the shows sagging ratings!


Chelsea Handler is trying to rebuild her social life after a falling out with long time friend Jennifer Aniston. Jen reportedly dropped Chelsea as a friend after she found out that Chelsea was spilling secrets about her marriage and talking behind her back. Now it turns out that she has lost Jen's friendship AND that of her whole social circle. They are very loyal to her, so they are freezing Chelsea out too. Among those who now won't return her calls are Courtney Cox, Jason Bateman, and Ellen DeGeneres.

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