Jennifer Lopez Has Her First Big Fight With A-Rod!

Her Paranoia Won Out

Sources claim that Jennifer Lopez did indeed hire a private investigator to look into Alex Rodriguez, but it wasn't until after the allegations that he was seeing  someone else. All those stories about him and fitness model Lauren Hunter reportedly got to her, and she hired someone to look into the rumors. It is not unusual for someone like her to hire a detective. Her past two boyfriends were not faithful.  However, word got back to Alex and they got into a huge fight, the first of their relationship. She even threatened to walk away from the relationship. Once that happened, he calmed down. They both really do want to work things out, so they are moving forward despite his feelings of hurt and betrayal. 


Jennifer Lawrence is said to be ditching Hollywood. It's not as bad as it sounds, the Hunger Games star is just planning on moving away. She hates the phony people there, and has opted to relocate to New York City. She feels like herself there, and that is worth it to her, even if she loses movie rolls. She plans to do some stage work there in the meantime.


Blake Shelton is reportedly planning a huge country birthday part for Gwen Stefani's son Zuma's ninth birthday. The party will take place here in Oklahoma next month on the lake. Blake is planning fireworks and camping. Blake has even offered to fly in some of Zuma's friends from Las Angeles for the party. Blake is really winning Gwen over with his devotion to her kids.

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