Kristina's Backstage Chat With Thomas Rhett And Brett Young

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I headed backstage before the Thomas Rhett show last Thursday and I thought it would be fun to share what I learned. First I saw Brett Young, who brought along his  new fiancee Taylor. If you didn't know, the pair got engaged in February. Brett wrote most of his first album about Taylor after they split. Obviously they were able to reconcile, after a period of time spent apart. I jokingly mentioned to Taylor my personal belief that the best songwriters are actually unhappy, and that she might have to give him a hard time every other week to keep his skills sharp. Brett then admitted that for the longest time, he agreed with my theory. He didn't feel comfortable writing happy music because he feared that it would come off as cheesy. But now that his life is happy, he had to find a way around that fear. He said that he worked with other songwriters in Nashville, and they helped him over the hurdle. They convinced him that happy doesn't have to mean cheesy. On that note, you should be expecting the next album to be way more upbeat, and I guess you will have to judge if it's cheesy! Brett was really excited about it though, and felt like he conquered all his creative fears. I was so pleased to see that Brett was as kind and humble as when he first started. His fiancee Taylor seemed lovely too.


Thomas Rhett was very excited to be kicking his tour off here in Tulsa. It marks a move to larger touring venues for him. Though the change made him nervous I think we can all agree he met the challenge! He talked mostly about his kids and family though, and mentioned how he often has both of his daughters on the road with him. Willa and Ada actually sleep quite well on the bus according to Thomas. Don't worry, he brings plenty of protection for their little ears when he's on stage. I also learned that Thomas has a real addiction to shoes and his collection is far larger than even his wife Lauren's. My source backstage estimates that he has more than 500 pairs of sneakers! In conclusion I would say that as excited as Thomas is about the growth in his career, he is far more excited about the growth of his family. He continues to be my favorite family man in country music. The love he has for Lauren and his daughters is truly touching. He could go on about them forever! 



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