Nicole Drives Keith Urban Crazy With This Habit

Nicole's Kidman's Annoying Habit

Nicole Kidman has an irritating habit that has been putting strain on her marriage to Keith Urban! She reportedly is very flighty. She never finishes projects that she starts, or follows through on anything. It is not just in her personal life either, Nicole is notorious for backing of of film projects as well. Details here

Angelina Jolie is said to be worried about a potential new project of Brad Pitt's. He is up for a part in Quentin Taratino's next movie, and Angie thinks it would be a bad move. She's concerned that Quentin would be a bad influence on Brad during this juncture of his recovery.  Quentin is a big drinker and that pressure would be hard on Brad when he has been doing so well. claims that Brad is in the best place right now, and he doesn't want anything to get in the way of that either. But a huge part like this, supposedly in a movie about the Manson murders, would be hard to turn down.


E! is considering doing a reality series with the Cyrus family and Miley isn't happy about it. Miley is hesitant about it because she worries a show like that would but strain on her parent's marriage. Billy and Tish have already almost split up twice in the last 10 years. Plus she likes to keep her own private life out of the spotlight.

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