The Freedom Of Ditching Your Insecurities

How Ideal Image Helped With A Lifelong Problem

All of us probably have multiple insecurities we are dealing with at any given time. But one that I had been living with since a small child was very dark hair that I had on my forearms. I was teased mercilessly about it as far back as elementary school. The teasing made so much of an impact on me that I even remember the name of my lead tormentor: Wyatt! Kids can be mean and they all used to tease me about how hairy I was, calling me a monkey even!  I was too young to shave, so I always wore long sleeves to cover up my hairy forearms, even in the summer. As an adult, I had to constantly keep up with shaving my forearms because it seemed like the hair grew back darker and thicker every time. But now, I'm free from having to deal with the hair at all thanks to laser hair removal I got done at Ideal Image The Advanced Med Spa! Let me tell you, it's been life changing. Feeling free to wear what ever outfit I want, short sleeves anytime, with no worries about shaving first. I have the smooth, stubble free skin that other people are born with! Plus, I save so much time not having to shave. I got to toss those razors and Nair cream away! Find out more about how you can ditch your insecurities, save time and money with laser hair removal at Or call them at 1800-be-ideal, that's 1-800 be-ideal to find out how you can save 60 percent of laser hair removal for a limited time only at Ideal Image The Advance Med Spa.

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