Tom Cruise Is Missing Suri's Childhood!

He Hasn't Seen Her In Years

Insiders say that Tom Cruise hasn't seen his daughter since 2013! Suri is now 11 years old and he has missed a lot of her childhood. Tom has never said why he hasn't been in contact, but most people assume that it's because of his church, The Church Of Scientology. It's rumored that the church has labeld Suri's mom Katie Holmes a "suppressive person" and that means Tom can't have any contact with her. Supposedly those labeled as such stand in the way of spiritual progress. More details here.


The reboot of American Idol has reportedly hit a snag, they haven't been able to confirm any other judges besides Katy Perry. The next level of auditions require a full panel of judges so pregress is at a standstill. Plus, Katy herself is a problem as she is starting her tour next week and it runs through February, making auditions impossible. It looks like we will have a longer wait than we thought for the show to make it's much anticipated return to ABC.

Speaking of Katy Perry, it looks like her and Orlando Bloom are getting serious again. The two broke up back in February after ten months of dating. Orlando supposedly felt overshadowed by Katy at the time, but it seems they have worked out those issues. Insiders say they are so happy together that they are already talking marriage!  Reportedly, Katy never stopped loving him and now they are both in it for the long haul.

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