Tom Cruise May Finally Visit His Daughter!

He's Ready To Talk To His Ex Katie Holmes

Tom Cruise may finally see his daughter Suri for the first time since 2013. Tom is finally ready to sit down and talk things out with her mother Katie Holmes. Tom reportedly may end up asking for a Scientology mentor to be present during talks though. Elders at the curch have asked Tom to be gentle with Katie was they don't want her to blast Scientology like ex member Leah Remini is right now. Insiders think that Tom is ready to talk now because his recent on set injury while filming Mission Impossible 6 made him realize that he is getting older.

Jennifer Lopez may have an unexpected roadblock in her relationship with Alex Rodriguez, in the form of her mother Guadalupe. Apparently Mom doesn't like A-Rod nearly as much as she likes Jennifer's ex Marc Anthony. She was actually hoping that those two would one day reconcile. Guadalupe is also worried about A-Rod's true intentions. So far, Jennifer isn't listening to her mom's objections and has told the whole family that Alex is there to stay! More here.

Ben Affleck has reportedly become very intimidated by doing stunts in his movies. After stunt people have been killed on The Walking Dead and Deadpool 2, Ben has decided not to do as many of his own stunts. But his fears go back farther than that, apparnetly he had a ner miss on the set of Armageddon in 1998.  The problem is that his upcoming Batman related movies are almost ALL stunts. He is especially looking bad because his Justice League co-star Gal Gadot, who plays Wonder Woman does all of her own stunts.

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