Why Did Blake Shelton Make Gwen Stefani Cry?

His New Hobby Brought Her To Tears

Blake Shelton recently brought Gwen Stefani to tears with his new pastime. He has been teaching her two eldest sons, Kingston and Zuma how to play guitar! Blake loves music, so she is touched that he has chosen to share something with her sons that is so important to him. The bond between Blake and her sons seems to be growing every day, and he even gave them cameo in his new video for 'I'll Name The Dogs". Who knows, if they keep up with their lessons they can all form a family band! More here.

Rumors are flying that Meghan Markle is set to move to the UK in January of next year to be with Prince Harry. Insiders say that she has already cut her car lease short, and her contract with the TV show Suits ends in December. Speculation is that she and Harry got secretly engaged during their recent vacation to Botswana. If they do indeed marry, it will be the first British royal to marry an American in 80 years. But Harry is fifth in line to the throne, so it's unlikely that Queen Elizabeth would object.

Ben Affleck and his new girlfriend Lindsay Shookus got a ton of media attention when they attended the Emmy Awards together on Sunday night. However, it turns out that her friends weren't very impressed with Ben. They are a tight knit group, and it takes a while for them to let in anyone new. Ben reportedly spent the whole night trying to get laughs by constantly cracking jokes. But, her pals didn't find him funny at all, and they wished he would just have relaxed and stayed a little quieter. They just aren't sure that Ben is the one for Lindsay and they think she could do better.

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