B-B-Q (and) A

BBQ Survey


A new survey by Simply Beef and Lamb reveals that the average person will attend four barbecues this summer. Other findings:


- 20% of people have eaten burned or undercooked food at a barbecue.


- 6% of people have been to a barbecue that has been wrecked by a fight.


 - Biggest barbecue pet peeves ...


 dirty grill 27%


people with bad table manners 21%


'backseat' barbecuers 20%



 Top 10 Signs A Barbecue Has Failed


Under-cooked food




 Burnt food


 Bad company


 People who are too drunk


 Not enough food


 Poor BBQ skills


 No alcohol


 Bad music


Boring and predictable food


-How could IN-LAWS and EXES not make this list? ~Rowdy


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