Eye Witnesses Recount Their Experiences at the Las Vegas Shooting

The details and horrific statistics from Sunday night's mass shooting in Las Vegas continue to pour in. For many of us, the events have some personal significance because of a recent visit to the Las Vegas strip, a loved on who was currently traveling in the area, or a similar experience with another mass shooting.

Here at KVOO, this news shocked us for a number of reasons, not the least of which was because of a recent contest we held that sent a dozen of our listeners to the Route 91 Festival where the shooting occurred.

Thankfully, after some tense time spent on phone calls, we were able to confirm that all of our listeners were unharmed and had found a safe place to stay away from the chaos.

This morning, the Voo Crew spoke with two individuals who were at the scene of the shooting, as well as TPD's Commander of Special Operations Mike Eckert. Audio of those conversations are available below.


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