It's National Cheese Pizza Day!

-Here are some facts, right out of the oven:



- the average person consumes 23 pounds of pizza a year ( Visual Economics)

- pizza (40%) is the top ‘cheat-meal’ followed by Chinese food (30%) (indoor trampoline park Jump Zone)

- favorite 'male pregnancy' snacks: pizza, chocolate and chips. (OnePoll)

- 62% of people would rather give up pizza than lovemaking (

- A survey by Digital Third Coast reveals that pizza is the number one cheat food for dieters (53%)

- You would need to play 4 hours of football to burn off a large pizza.(Pure Gym)

- 33% of people say that shopping makes them feel better than eating pizza.(Ebates)

- 33% of people will eat pizza after a bad day (Upbeat drinks) 

- 100% of Pappa John's employees recognize my voice when I call.  Is that a bad thing? 


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