Chores At Home? Split 'em Up!

Sharing Is Caring When It Comes To Chores

A new study by Stockholm University reveals that couples that don't share chores and housework could be headed for a divorce.

Researcher Maria Branden tells The Local: ''We looked at heterosexual couples and whether they agree on how they share the household and if that affects their relationship. In line with other research we find that if couples divide the household tasks unequally, so if the woman does more than the man, it reflects badly on the relationship. Those couples are more likely to dissolve and they have less relationship satisfaction. If the woman reports they share the work unequally and the man reports they share equally, this has an even more negative effect. So, if the man doesn't acknowledge that the woman does more work, it also has a negative effect on the relationship.''


*I'd love to read more about this, but I have to take out the garbage. Happily. ~Rowdy


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