I am a born and raised Okie! I grew up in Owasso and went to college at Oklahoma Baptist University in Shawnee. That’s where I got my start in radio, working for a station down in Oklahoma City. I love Green Country and country music, so I am right at home! When I’m not working, you can find me out on Skiatook Lake fishing.

Hobbies: Anything outdoors. #1 is fishing, and I also enjoy hunting when it's too cold to fish. When I'm at home, I enjoy working outside in the yard. Videography and photography is also something I've enjoyed.

Favorite Artists: As far as new artists, Chris Young and Blake Shelton. Favorite artist of all time is Don Williams, followed closely by Charley Pride.

Favorite Moments In Country Music: When I worked at a country station in OKC, I got to interview Garth and Trisha before their shows at the Chesapeake Arena. Two different reasons why this was my favorite moment: 1) it's the first interview with an artist I had ever done (talk about getting thrown into the deep end) and 2) because I grew up in Owasso, I went to school with Garth's daughters. When I was in fifth grade, I remember seeing Garth and Trisha come and pick up his kids everyday after school. I told them that before the interview and they couldn't believe it!

What Most People Don’t Know About Him: Maybe my nerdiest quality (besides geeking out over country music), I really enjoy math. It was always my best subject in high school and college.