Our friends at News On 6 report that medical marijuana sales in Oklahoma are on the rise. Big. February sales came to $7.2 million, up from $4.3 million in January. With the 7% tax that goes into the state coffers, that's $508,000 collected in one month alone. The high rise in medical marijuana sales are predicted to continue as more and more patients, dispensaries and licensed growers continue to expand.

Currently, Oklahoma reports that there are now 55,000 patients with state-issued licenses to use medical marijuana. The number of dispensaries is now over 1,100 locations. And the list of licensed growers now stands at more than 1,800.  Licenses continue to be issued by doctors across the state. And as long as that continues, sales are expected to continue to climb.  This new form of tax collection could help make road improvements and school funding much easier to solve.